Stephen Funk

Stephen Funk, anti-war resister, is free after having served six months in prison for his principled refusal to deploy when his Marine reserve unit was called to active duty in Iraq. He instead came out publicly against the war, the racism and homophobia that the U.S. military cultivates, and the manipulation that recruiters use.
Because of his vocal opposition to the U.S. military machine, Funk was singled out as the first war resister to be incarcerated. On September 6, a jury of four Marines found Funk guilty of unauthorized absence and sentenced him to six months in prison. This did not stop him from continuing to courageously speak out against the war. While in prison, Funk sent letters to people on the outside and discussed the war with other prisoners. Since
his release, he has continued to speak out.
Stephen Funk and his mother Gloria Pacis, who supported him publicly throughout his case, have made a huge contribution, inspiring resistance both inside and outside of the military.

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