Friday 3/2 Film Showing: "Sir! No Sir!"

Join us this Friday for our Monthly Film Showing
"Sir! No Sir!"

Sir No SirFriday, March 2, 7pm
2295 Adam Clayton Powell (135th St.)
2/3 or B/C trains to 135th St.

In the 1960’s an anti-war movement emerged that altered the course of history. This movement didn’t just take place on college campuses.  It took place in barracks and on aircraft carriers. It flourished in army stockades, navy brigs and in the towns that surround military bases. And it spread throughout the battlefields of Vietnam. Hundreds went to prison and thousands into exile.  And by 1971 it had, in the words of one colonel, infested the entire armed services. Yet today, few people know about the GI movement against the war in Vietnam.

Join us for a special showing of the award-winning "Sir! No Sir!" The film will be followed by a discussion of how we can build today's antiwar movement, and the upcoming March on the Pentagon. 

Admission: $7

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