ANSWER Film Showing: El Pueblo Se Levanta

ANSWER Film Showing: El Pueblo Se Levanta
"The People Rise Up"
History of the Young Lords Party

Friday, June 22, 7 pm

2295 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.
(2/3/B/C to 135th St.)

Young Lords

One third of the Puerto Rican people live in the United States. They came here in search of a better life promised to them by US propaganda. Instead, they found slum housing, miseducation, poverty, hunger, unemployment, and a society determined to strip them of their rich cultural identity.

“El Pueblo Se Levanta” traces the Puerto Rican struggle in the United States, focusing on the development of the Young Lords Party. The film deals with the main problems in the Puerto Rican community - health,education, food, and housing. These social problems were the harbinger of their politicalization. Join us in viewing a film on a definitive perspective on the history of the Young Lords, followed by a discussion period.

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