Boston Rally: Saturday 8/31, 1 PM at Park St. station

No War on Syria!

ANSWER Boston has endorsed this important action initiated by United for Justice with Peace and the Committee for Peace and Human Rights. We encourage our members and supporters to help spread the word and to attend.

Washington is on the march toward yet another war of aggression in the Middle East, this time targeting Syria. In a recent Reuters poll, only 9 percent favored direct U.S. military intervention, and 89 percent opposed arming the Syrian opposition. But the tiny elite clique who really run the country are completely discounting the will of the people, making a mockery of their so-called “democracy.”

Click here to read ANSWER's full statement on the U.S. war drive and for the call to action, listing upcoming protests being organized around the country

For the people of the United States, fighting against a U.S. intervention in Syria is of paramount importance to prevent the spread of war and destruction. The ANSWER Coalition is calling on all those opposed to this brutal war drive to take action against any U.S. attack on Syria!

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Stand with Striking Fast Food Workers!
Demand a living wage: $15/hour

Fast-food Workers Strike 08-29
National Day of Action
Thurs. 8/29., 4:00pm
Boston Common Bandstand
Facebook Event

Low-wage workers will make history on Aug. 29 during a national day of strikes demanding a living wage. Courageously challenging some of the biggest corporations in the world, these actions are a major development in the struggle for dignity on the job.

These strikes will be the latest in a countrywide organizing campaign fighting for a $15 an hour wage and to force corporations to respect the rights of their employees. Until now, this has largely taken the form of citywide mobilizations, giving Aug. 29 additional significance.

In many areas, fast food workers have taken the lead, and it is easy to see why considering the outrageous level of exploitation that exists in this industry. A fast food worker makes on average $15,080 dollars a year, not nearly enough to support oneself or a family, but the average fast food executive makes $25,000 per day.

Similarly absurd are arguments put out by defenders of big businesses that raising wages would lead to higher prices. McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s made a combined total of $5.6 billion in profits last year – they are more than able to afford to pay a living wage.

Stand with these workers in Boston & around the country to say, "We are worth more!"

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ANSWER statement in solidarity with struggle against new U.S. base in Ukawa, Japan

ANSWER statement to be read at April 20 demonstration in Ukawa, Japan protesting the construction of a new U.S. X-band radar military base

Imperialist war crimes against the people of Syria piling up

The people of Syria have been forced to endure extreme suffering because of the U.S.-backed drive to install a puppet government

What you can do to support Marissa Alexander

Now is the time to unite and intensify our efforts in spreading the word about Marissa's case and demanding her complete freedom.

Reportbacks from International Women's Day actions

On International Women’s Day, WORD organized actions in cities across the country under the banner of "Women’s Rights Are Under Attack, What do we do? Stand up, fight back!"

Days of action demand an end to deportations

Reports from the April 4-5 days of action to demand "not one more deportation!"

WORD condemns widespread police brutality

WORD joins with communities across the United States in demanding that killer cops be jailed, that independent investigations take place in all cases of police brutality and that racist stop-and-frisk policies be ended immediately.

Onondaga County legislature to vote on bill creating oversight for "Justice" Center

The United as One Coalition is excited to announce that the Onondaga County, N.Y., legislature will SOON consider a bill to create an oversight body for the “Justice Center”, the county’s downtown jail

Venezuelan government defends population

The U.S. government and media support the Venezuelan opposition to the Bolivarian Revolution, portraying it as a peaceful movement. However, the violence of this movement exposes the right wing’s true nature.

April actions across the country to demand an end to drone warfare

The ANSWER Coalition urges all its supporters to join these important actions against drone warfare

National day of action: NOT 1 MORE DEPORTATION!

On April 5th, people across the country will be rallying to tell the President, “NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION!”
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