The only force capable of bringing progressive change is a mass, independent movement of the people, and this is the kind of movement that we seek to build. Join us in our struggle and TAKE ACTION!

Sign the petition: No education cuts! No segregation in our schools!

Take a stand against the all-out assault on our public schools&^mdash;sign the petition to demand: (1) No School Closures! No Layoffs! No Cuts! (2) Equal access to a quality education for all; (3) Full funding for public schools & specialized programming.

Sign the petition: Stop the war on Libya!

The U.S. government is at war again. How could they get away with launching another war when they tell us the country is so broke that vital public services must be slashed and public workers must be fired in massive numbers?

Sign the petition: Say NO to the anti-immigrant "Secure Communities" program

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick recently announced his intention to sign onto the "Secure Communities" program, which has led to the deportation of hundreds of thousands of innocent immigrants, breaking apart countless families. Join the ANSWER Boston and many others in saying NO to this anti-immigrant initiative!

Support the work of ANSWER Boston

ANSWER Boston is an entirely grassroots, volunteer-based organization. Our work is made possible by the generous contributions of supporters like you. Please make a donation today.
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