Friday, Nov. 7, 7:30pm
Public Forum in LA
Reports from Labor's Front Lines


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135 East 3rd Street
(Downtown LA – Corner of 3rd Street and Los Angeles Street)

Hear from workers in the trenches of many of today's most important labor struggles.


  • Walmart workers demanding rights and respect
  • El Super workers fighting for paid sick leave and 40-hour, predictable schedules
  • Port Truck Drivers fighting below-minimum wages at a port that brings in billions in profits

...and more

Learn how everyone will benefit from a $15 minimum wage with real wage protection and five days paid sick leave, and how the banks are robbing the city by forcing cuts in services, jobs and benefits. 

What's new

Solidarity with Gaza: hundreds protest at CNN in Hollywood

On Saturday August 16, hundreds of protesters shut down the main intersection in Hollywood and marched on CNN to condemn the corporate media’s lies and bias in reporting on the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

Major L.A. streets shut-down in protest of racist police brutality

On Sunday August 17, over 800 people rallied and marched in downtown Los Angeles against racist police killings from LA to Ferguson Missouri.

SPEAK OUT! LA City Council to pass resolution condemning Palestine

The Intergovernmental Relations Committee of the Los Angeles City Council is set to meet on Friday August 15 at 9AM to consider an outrageous resolution that condemns the people of Gaza and their resistance to flagrant Israeli war crimes.

Outrageous $20,000 bail for unjust arrest at Gaza demonstration

Young ANSWER organizer unjustly arrested at demonstration for Palestinian rights

Protest against U.S. escalation in Iraq takes over streets in LA

Over 100 people gathered at Pershing Square Park in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, June 21 under the banner “No new war on Iraq!”

Casey Kasem’s life-long activism for justice ignored by corporate media

While accolades pour in from around the world on the sad death of Casey Kasem, one of radio's greats, perhaps the most important part of Kasem's life is being omitted from the obituaries of the big media giants.

Workers Challenge Low Wages and Injustice at Walmart

On June 4th, 2014 a large group of Walmart employees, other workers and activists lead a protest at the Walmart in South Gate, CA.

Why our community supports Walmart workers (and all low-wage workers) getting a REAL living wage

From Walmart to McDonald's--why a real living wage lifts up all workers

Featured Speakers at Mar. 22 Conference Against Police Terror

Exciting list of speakers at the Statewide Conference in Los Angeles
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LA Forum: Reports from labor's front lines

Los Angeles, California
November 7, 2014
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