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"Why I'm shutting down the Army recruitment center on Oct. 6"

On Oct. 6, veterans, students and military families will shut down a major Army recruitment center in Hollywood.

Get involved - less than 2 weeks until August 26!

We’re less than two weeks away from the August 26th march and rally to defend women’s rights! A new feminist movement is growing, and it’s not too late to volunteer and get involved.

Protest on the 11th anniversary of the Afghanistan war!

As the 11th anniversary of the U.S./NATO occupation of Afghanistan nears, the danger of new and wider wars in the Middle East is on the rise. In Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, the death toll continues to mount. In April, Washington announced a plan to stay in Afghanistan until 2024. The stepped up and illegal use of killer drones has added to the deadly toll.

Get involved in the struggle to defend women's rights!

This Saturday, August 11th, WORD Los Angeles is holding a volunteers meeting! Join us if you would like to get involved and build the August 26th demonstration for women's rights.

ANSWER Los Angeles office ransacked and robbed

After being in the national spotlight for participating in protests against Anaheim police violence, ANSWER office is broken into, ransacked and robbed. Read the full report and help ANSWER LA push the struggle forward by making an urgently needed donation.

Anaheim fights back against outrageous police killing

In response to the police murder of Manuel Diaz, then a brutal attack on the community, protesters stormed the Anaheim police headquarters.

A new war crisis looms in Korea

With new hysteria over North Korea's satellite launch, learn the truth about U.S. threats and the real threat to peace in the region.

Two Events to Mark the 9th Anniversary of the Iraq War

Two events in Los Angeles to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Video: ‘Economic blockade of Iran is an act of war’

RT interview with Brian Becker on the deepening crisis with Iran.

Factsheet: Who is the real threat to peace?

Learn the facts about the U.S. war drive towards Iran.

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