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Irvine 11 guilty verdict motivated by politics, racism

The trial of the Irvine 11 ended today, and a supreme injustice was done. An Orange County jury found 10 of the 11 University of California, Irvine students guilty of two misdemeanors each.

Going forward after the gruesome execution of Troy Davis

Troy Davis was not only a victim; he was a leader. He demonstrated courage in the face of his executioners. His spirit will be formative in the creation of a new people's movement that is coming into existence.

Tell President Obama to Take Action to Save the Life of Troy Davis

Time is running out. Send a letter right now to President Obama and Attorney General Holder demanding a federal civil rights investigation that could stay tonight’s execution of Troy Davis.

Stop the execution of Troy Davis - An innocent man!

The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles announced today that they have denied clemency to Troy Davis, who was wrongly convicted of killing a police officer in 1989. Davis is scheduled to be executed this Wednesday, Sept. 21, in the state of Georgia.

ANSWER Coalition's 10th anniversary

10 years ago in September, the ANSWER Coalition formed in opposition to the coming war drive and attacks on civil liberties.

Verizon strike over, struggle for good contract continues

The unions have requested all picketing and solidarity actions to end, so that the negotiations can begin again. Therefore, the ANSWER Coalition’s National Day of Action will not happen.

The Truth About the Situation in Libya

The ANSWER Coalition is publishing the following analysis, perspective, and factual information on the war in Libya to help cut through the government propaganda and media lies that work to cover up the truth of the Libyan revolt and NATO intervention designed to overthrow the Libyan government.

There's only one solution to Afghanistan war

Rebutting the claims of President Obama and other top U.S. officials of “improved security,” death and destruction in Afghanistan are spiraling as the tenth anniversary of the U.S./NATO war approaches.

Debt Deal: Wall Street banks' victorious assault on working families

For weeks, Democrats and Republicans have debated about whether to stab poor and working people in the back or in the chest. With their deal, President Obama and the Democratic Party have agreed with the Republicans that yes, stabbing working people in the chest will do just fine.

Leon Panetta in Iraq: More lies, more war

New Secretary of Defense brings back Bush-era rhetoric, pushes to extend occupation

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