March Forward! brochure

Table of Contents

War and profit

We are told that as a soldier in the U.S. military we are defending the interests of the United States. This does have an ounce of truth—but only an ounce. It is only a wealthy minority whose interests are being defended in Iraq, Afghanistan and the more than 130 countries where U.S. troops are stationed. Read more.

Why we say “Bring the Troops Home Now!”

We were told that Iraq possessed “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” that Saddam Hussein had connections to al-Qaeda, and that U.S. soldiers would be welcomed as liberators. But we now know all those “facts” and promises were in fact lies. Read more.

The U.S. war in Afghanistan

When Barack Obama was running for president he was presented as the anti-war candidate. But in its first days in office, the new administration announced its intention to vastly expand the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Read more.

Refusing an illegal war

Beyond the mental trauma of war, there is also a moral dilemma. Once a soldier realizes that all the suffering he or she inflicts—or experiences—only serves to secure profits for U.S. corporations, there is the immediate question: What should I do? Read more.

Bail out veterans, not banks!

When military personnel come home wounded or injured, or when they leave the military, they find the “support our troops” rhetoric means very little. Read more.

Racism in the military

Racism within the military has also been a constant reality. The military was officially segregated until 1948, but the legacy of racism continues to hold strong. Read more.

Women in the military

Many women returning from Iraq reported that they were afraid to walk to outdoor latrines for fear of being attacked. A woman in the military has to be on constant guard against such situations. Read more.

Obama and the future for the U.S. military

A real end to the occupation is not on the horizon; at best we have been promised just a different strategy, one that maintains the presence of U.S. troops, bases, defense contractors and mercenaries indefinitely. Read more.