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Ten quick facts about Military Sexual Trauma

Facts about the crisis of Military Sexual Trauma Read more.
Issue: PTSD

Top officers sexually assault their troops—supported by Congress

Just days after a Military Sexual Assault Bill that would take prosecution powers away from top officers was shut down in the Senate by a 55 to 45 vote, the Army’s top sexual assault prosecutor was accused of sexually assaulting a soldier in his command. Read more.
Issue: PTSD

Support the anti-war G.I. Coffeehouse West Coast Tour!

Coffee Strong, The Clearing Barrel, and Under the Hood Cafe and Outreach Center are GI coffeehouses located next to major military installations in Washington State, Germany and Texas. We provide service members, veterans and their families’ safe places for healing, to exchange unfiltered information, and to speak about our concerns and experiences. Read more.

Two familiar faces at the State of the Union told us everything

A reflection by Iraq war veteran Mike Prysner on Obama's 2014 State of the Union address Read more.
Issue: Iraq

U.S. veterans in Tel Aviv to protest U.S. support for Israeli crimes

A delegation of U.S. military veterans plans to protest U.S. aid to Israel at the American Embassy in Tel Aviv at 9 am, Friday, November 22. The group, members of Veterans For Peace (VFP), has been touring the West Bank observing conditions and meeting with leaders of nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation. Read more.

What the gov’t shutdown teaches us about the Afghanistan war

An Iraq war veteran's perspective on the current government shutdown, and the lessons it teaches us about politicians attitudes the Afghanistan war. Read more.
Issue: Afghanistan
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