Statements and Analysis : Afghanistan

The real crime in the Bergdahl-Taliban prisoner swap

How many soldiers did those five Taliban kill? Read more.
Issue: Afghanistan

What the gov’t shutdown teaches us about the Afghanistan war

An Iraq war veteran's perspective on the current government shutdown, and the lessons it teaches us about politicians attitudes the Afghanistan war. Read more.
Issue: Afghanistan

Ft. Hood soldier successfully refuses deployment to Afghanistan

A soldier at Fort Hood has successfully refused to fight in Afghanistan, setting an example for all U.S. service members. Read more.
Issue: Afghanistan

Bold veteran-led action at Ft. Hood to help troops resist deployment to Afghanistan

This coming May, thousands of soldiers from Fort Hood's III Corps will deploy to Afghanistan. Starting April 1, the Our Lives Our Rights campaign will deploy a team of Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam veterans, active-duty soldiers and military families to engage in an outreach and visibility campaign to Fort Hood soldiers with a simple message: “You don’t have to go to Afghanistan.” Read more.
Issue: Afghanistan

Debate snubs troops: The longest war in under two minutes

There was an elephant in the room during the presidential foreign policy debate. That elephant was a pile of bodies, blood and limbs, which grew as the candidates spoke. Read more.
Issue: Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Life and limb for a slow-motion retreat

The Pentagon's strategy has failed. Now soldiers and Afghans are dying so politicians can save face. Read more.
Issue: Afghanistan
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