Statements and Analysis : Veterans

Shinseki Resignation: Political Blame Game Misses the Real Scandal

A March Forward! statement on the resignation of Gen. Shinseki from the VA Read more.
Issue: Veterans

"To my fellow sailors: Refuse your orders to attack Syria!"

As U.S. warships position themselves in the Mediterranean Sea, preparing to strike Syria, a young Navy veteran sends a message to fellow sailors. Read more.
Issue: Veterans

VIDEO: Iraq war veteran on the real reasons the U.S. is attacking Syria

March Forward! co-founder and Iraq war veteran Mike Prysner discusses the lies around the Syria war on The Young Turks network. Read more.
Issue: Veterans

Week of action to defend Bradley Manning

June 1st will mark the beginning of Bradley Manning’s fourth year in prison and the start of his trial. People across the nation (and the globe) will converge on Ft. Meade to stand up for the Army whistle-blower who risked everything to give the public real facts about our government’s wars in the Middle East and foreign policy worldwide. Read more.
Issue: Veterans

Stand with anti-war veteran Mike Prysner against right-wing attacks!

Former GOP Executive Director wishes anti-war veteran "came home in a body bag" Read more.
Issue: Veterans

Rich politicians steal troops' education to get richer

This month, the U.S. government cut Tuition Assistance for service members. Read more.
Issue: Veterans
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