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Take to the streets on May Day!

View a listing of some of the events ANSWER is participating in this May Day

Video: Deadly U.S. drone program continuing

ANSWER West Coast coordinator Richard Becker interviewed was recently interviewed by Press TV on the U.S. drone program

Immigrant rights hunger strikers speak out

Transcripts of testimony by hunger strikers Ernestina Hernandez and Jose Moreno, who are demanding an end to deportations

USAID plot to destabilize Cuba exposed

Ever since 1959, U.S. imperialism has tried to overthrow the Cuban Revolution. The recently-exposed ZunZuneo scandal, the so-called Cuban Twitter, is just the latest chapter in this ongoing effort.

ANSWER statement in solidarity with struggle against new U.S. base in Ukawa, Japan

ANSWER statement to be read at April 20 demonstration in Ukawa, Japan protesting the construction of a new U.S. X-band radar military base

Reportbacks from International Women's Day actions

On International Women’s Day, WORD organized actions in cities across the country under the banner of "Women’s Rights Are Under Attack, What do we do? Stand up, fight back!"

Imperialist war crimes against the people of Syria piling up

The people of Syria have been forced to endure extreme suffering because of the U.S.-backed drive to install a puppet government

What you can do to support Marissa Alexander

Now is the time to unite and intensify our efforts in spreading the word about Marissa's case and demanding her complete freedom.

Days of action demand an end to deportations

Reports from the April 4-5 days of action to demand "not one more deportation!"

Onondaga County legislature to vote on bill creating oversight for "Justice" Center

The United as One Coalition is excited to announce that the Onondaga County, N.Y., legislature will SOON consider a bill to create an oversight body for the “Justice Center”, the county’s downtown jail

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