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Bus Parking for Saturday, August 2

Instructions for bus parking

VIDEO: Thousands take over streets of L.A. for Gaza

On July 20, around 4,000 people marched to the Israeli Consulate from the U.S. Federal Building in Los Angeles to demand an end to the siege of Gaza

Can you help us print thousands of signs for the Aug. 2 National March to Let Gaza Live?

We are about to place an order for thousands of "Let Gaza Live" signs to be carried throughout the National March on Washington. It costs $800 for every 1,000 signs, plus an additional $620 for poles. Can you help?

VIDEO: End the Massacre on Gaza!

Watch this inspiring video and attend the national march on the White House against the massacre in Gaza on Sat. Aug. 2

BREAKING: Pentagon rushing ammunition to supply Israel's war on Gaza

Just minutes after the White House made a tepid criticism of the deadly shelling of a United Nations-run girls’ school and refugee center in Gaza, the U.S. military announced that it was resupplying the Israeli army with several types of ammunition.

From the Bronx to D.C.: High school students taking a stand for Gaza

High school students from the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition explain why they're getting on the bus for the Aug. 2 national march for Gaza

"Why I am traveling to D.C. to demand justice"

“My name is Suhad Abu Khdeir and I am coming to Washington DC on August 2 because I want liberty and justice for Palestine, please join me so we can have a louder voice when we tell Mr. Obama that we do not stand with Israel.”

National march in Washington, D.C.: Stop the massacre in Gaza!

A broad coalition will take to the streets Aug. 2 to demand an end to the Israeli massacre in Gaza

Aug. 2 National March on the White House: Stop the Massacre in Gaza!

Join thousands of people in a National March on the White House on Saturday, August 2 at 1:00pm to condemn the Israeli massacre in Gaza.

Protests show solidarity with Palestine, oppose new Israeli war

Reports from demonstrations across the country in solidarity with Palestine in the face of a new Israeli assault

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