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Actions mark anniversary of Cuban Five arrest

September 12 marked the 16th anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban Five- men who went undercover in Miami to thwart terrorist plots being hatched by right-wing enemies of the Cuban people

Imprisoned for fighting terrorism

"Can you be imprisoned for fighting terrorism? Yes, if you fight terrorism in Miami" Read the article by National Committee to Free the Cuban Five National Coordinator Gloria La Riva just published in CounterPunch

Israel’s real target is not Hamas

What is the strategy of the Israeli regime?

Join the People's Climate March in NYC

The ANSWER Coalition will be participating in the People's Climate March in New York City, N.Y. on Sept. 21

Anti-war movement responds to Obama's speech on Iraq, Syria and the Islamic State

The U.S. military cannot solve, but only exacerbate, the current crisis in Iraq and Syria. In fact, the U.S. government, the CIA and the Pentagon are responsible for the disintegration of Iraq and Syria and the consequent rise of the Islamic State.

South African parliament calls on U.S. to release Cuban Five

Resolution from the parliament of South Africa calling on the United States to free the Cuban Five and end its aggressive policies towards Cuba

Iraq: White House may cause the wider war it says it does not want

The timeline of some of the major developments over the past two-and-a-half months show how what initially began as a small, limited mission has expanded greatly, with the potential to keep snowballing

Does the U.S. government have a strategy in Iraq and Syria?

As the U.S. strategy to dominate Iraq and Syria fails, the generals and politicians are scrambling to come up with a new approach

VIDEO: ‘Justice for Mike Brown’ march shuts down D.C. streets

Video footage from the Aug. 30 march for justice for Mike Brown in Washington, D.C., that demanded justice for Mike Brown.

National march draws thousands to Ferguson

Thousands of protesters gathered from across the country in Ferguson, Mo., Aug. 30 to answer a call for a national march to demand justice for Michael Brown. The community is in a state of rebellion after Michael was gunned down in cold blood by police officer Darren Wilson

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