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National mobilization in Ferguson: Justice for Michael Brown!

Join the mass convergence in Ferguson October 10th – 13th to continue the fight for justice for Mike Brown and to spark the broader movement for racial justice

Protests opposing the U.S. bombing of Syria

A listing of nationwide protests to oppose the U.S. bombing of Syria

Tampa, Fl. blocks Israeli boat

Activists gathered to stop the Israeli ship ZIM Alabama from unloading

La Coalición ANSWER se opone al bombardeo de Siria por Estados Unidos

Esta guerra, como las anteriores, se justifica sobre la base de desinformación y miedo. Los Estados Unidos es la mayor parte del problema y por tanto, no puede ser la solución a la crisis actual en Iraq.

ANSWER speaks out against U.S. bombing of Syria

This war, like the earlier ones, is being sold on the basis of misinformation and fear. The United States is a major part of the problem and cannot be the solution to the current crisis in Syria and Iraq.

Lots of soldiers could die in Iraq — and not fighting ISIS

More major developments have set the stage for Washington’s plans in Iraq to spiral into bloody disaster, like the erroneously named “Operation: Iraqi Freedom”

Actions mark anniversary of Cuban Five arrest

September 12 marked the 16th anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban Five- men who went undercover in Miami to thwart terrorist plots being hatched by right-wing enemies of the Cuban people

Imprisoned for fighting terrorism

"Can you be imprisoned for fighting terrorism? Yes, if you fight terrorism in Miami" Read the article by National Committee to Free the Cuban Five National Coordinator Gloria La Riva just published in CounterPunch

Israel’s real target is not Hamas

What is the strategy of the Israeli regime?

Join the People's Climate March in NYC

The ANSWER Coalition will be participating in the People's Climate March in New York City, N.Y. on Sept. 21

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