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What you can do to support Marissa Alexander

Now is the time to unite and intensify our efforts in spreading the word about Marissa's case and demanding her complete freedom.

Imperialist war crimes against the people of Syria piling up

The people of Syria have been forced to endure extreme suffering because of the U.S.-backed drive to install a puppet government

WORD condemns widespread police brutality

WORD joins with communities across the United States in demanding that killer cops be jailed, that independent investigations take place in all cases of police brutality and that racist stop-and-frisk policies be ended immediately.

Onondaga County legislature to vote on bill creating oversight for "Justice" Center

The United as One Coalition is excited to announce that the Onondaga County, N.Y., legislature will SOON consider a bill to create an oversight body for the “Justice Center”, the county’s downtown jail

Venezuelan government defends population

The U.S. government and media support the Venezuelan opposition to the Bolivarian Revolution, portraying it as a peaceful movement. However, the violence of this movement exposes the right wing’s true nature.

National day of action: NOT 1 MORE DEPORTATION!

On April 5th, people across the country will be rallying to tell the President, “NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION!”

San Francisco police kill Alex Nieto

Community takes to the streets to fight back against police murder of Alex Nieto

Los Angeles hosts historic conference to end police terror

Families affected by police brutality and community activists from across California gathered March 22 for a historic conference to build the struggle against police brutality

Interview with ex-CIA collaborator

Former CIA collaborator, Cuban Raúl Capote, reveals the strategy of the CIA in Venezuelan universities to create a destabilizing opposition student movement

Huge march protests Albuquerque police murder of James Boyd

Brutal police murder in Albuquerque sparks an outraged demonstration “by far the largest of its kind in Albuquerque in recent memory”

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