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#JusticeforJane, a 16-year-old transgender Latina imprisoned without charges

Jane Doe, as she is known because she is a minor, is a transgender Latina teenager who has, in recent months, become a symbol of struggle against mass incarceration, racism, transphobia, victim-blaming and child abuse all in one.

The real crime in the Bergdahl-Taliban prisoner swap

The five people released were held hostage and tortured for 12 years. But for the right wing, their release, and not this abuse, is the crime against humanity

Dramatic community sit-in at ABQ Mayor's office demands end to police brutality

Around 20 families of victims and community members held a dramatic action in protest of rampant police abuse. This action, the largest in recent memory in Albuquerque, comes on the heels of a string of murders committed by police

Shinseki Resignation: Political Blame Game Misses the Real Scandal

Statement from March Forward! on the resignation of VA head Gen. Shinseki. Once again, the corporate media misses the true scandal. Fund health care, not warfare!

ANSWER files FOIA demand on anti-Cuba terrorism

Progressive leaders from across the country converge in Miami for a press conference denouncing anti-Cuba terrorism and announcing Freedom of Information Act requests

U.S. government accuses Chinese officials of cyber espionage

Accusations come out of the long-standing "Asia Pivot" strategy, the U.S. military’s effort to rebalance its strategic posture to focus on East Asia.

Demonstration demands justice for Donte Jordan

Vigil, rally and march held to demand justice for Donte Jordan, a father racially profiled and murdered by the Long Beach Police Department

Exposed: The hidden role of Fusion Centers in the nationwide spying operation against Occupy

The Department of Homeland Security-funded Fusion Centers used their vast anti-terrorism and anti-crime authority and funding to conduct a sprawling, nationwide and hour-by-hour surveillance effort against the Occupy Movement

Conference in Lebanon shows solidarity with Palestinian prisoners

Hundreds attend a conference in Lebanon in solidarity with the thousands of Palestinian prisoners unjustly and illegally held in Israeli prisons

Protesters demand equal protection for LGBTQ workers

Activists call for President Obama to sign an Executive Order protecting the rights of LGBTQ federal contact workers outside of the White House ceremony unveiling the Harvey Milk stamp

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