July 30, 2012

ANSWER members stand up against attack

‘What ANSWER means to me’

A message from ANSWER LA organizers

Dear supporter of the ANSWER Coalition,

We are touched by the outpouring of solidarity we've received from individuals like yourself committed to the struggle against police brutality, racism, war, and inequality.

Despite racist threats fueled by a right-wing campaign targeting ANSWER for denouncing police brutality, our organizers mobilized to pack the Anaheim City Council last Tuesday, and marched in Downey this Saturday to protest the killing of Mike Nida by racist police.

This assault meant to disrupt our operation has left our resolve and commitment to the struggle untouched, but it has cost us critical resources needed to carry on the important work that we do. Ten computers, a large sound system and bullhorns were stolen from our office, and must be replaced at a cost of thousands of dollars. We need funds to increase security for ANSWER offices in LA and across the country.

Please make an urgently needed donation to help ANSWER LA recover these much-needed logistical resources and carry on this important work. Send this message to friends, family and co-workers who may be able to help. Your support is urgently needed.

For the past decade, ANSWER has trained a new generation of young activists who have become dynamic leaders in the fight for peace, social justice and change. Please read the message below from some of our organizers and volunteers in Los Angeles.

If their words speak to you, please take a moment to make an urgently needed donation to support their work.


"War, police brutality, poverty and racism affect millions of people daily, but an organizational vehicle is needed for our voices to make a difference. ANSWER has been that vehicle for me, giving me the power and the strength to become a dedicated fighter for equality and justice."

– Yvonne

"I became involved with ANSWER right after high school. It appealed to me because it wasn't a single issue organization but multidimensional. ANSWER genuinely believes 'an injury to one is an injury to all.' I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most dedicated and fearless fighters, and I'm truly inspired by the work we do."

– Stevie


"I was scheduled for a third deployment to Iraq, and made up my mind to take a stand and not go back. ANSWER not only provided me support, but helped me find and assist others who feel the same. It is the most effective collection of fighters for justice I have ever encountered."

– Kevin

"ANSWER means to me a group of individuals who are dedicated to fight for more than one cause, from peace to immigrant rights to marriage equality – we are all fighting for what is right and ANSWER stands with each fight."

– Cela


"ANSWER became a source of empowerment for me following the biggest attacks on the LGBT community. Only three days after Prop 8 passed, ANSWER organized a diverse march of over 20,000 people – the largest protest for LGBT equality in LA history. I'm proud to be in a militant, fight-back organization that challenges bigoted hate."

– Jessica

"I became active with ANSWER while I was a junior in high school. To me, ANSWER is a connection to needs of the people and the community, and is an effective outlet for turning my political ideals into social change."

– Andrew


"ANSWER is much more than an organization dedicated to the fight for justice in our communities. They have become family to me. Brothers and sisters in the same fight, same struggle."

– Abe

"For more than a decade, whenever struggles have erupted, ANSWER has been there. ANSWER has provided the logistics, the experience, the passion, the bravery, to help me to join hundreds of thousands of others to fight back! Defend the people's movement – stand with ANSWER!"

– Travis


"ANSWER is a champion of social and economic justice. It has been a leader in struggles against war, racism, sexism, and all forms of bigotry. I am proud to be part of ANSWER for the past seven years, and to contribute to a people's organization that fights for true justice."

– Enrique

"The ANSWER Coalition has always stood its ground in the face of reactionary attacks. This latest assault on our movement will only strengthen our commitment to the struggle. We don't fall back; we fight back."

– Sarah


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