May 1st Int'l Workers' Day Action
Gather at 4pm on Thur. May 1, 24th and Mission Sts.


This Sat. April 19, 3pm - Planning Meeting for May 1st Int’l Workers’ Day Action
Mission Cultural Center- 2nd Floor, 2868 Mission St., SF
Mayday is celebrated by workers throughout the world. Even though it's origin stems from an 1886 uprising in Chicago, Mayday celebrations in the U.S. have been suppressed by the corporate media and establishment politicians alike. In 2006, however, the power of the immigrant rights movement reestablished May 1st as a day for U.S.-based mass movements to take their demands to the streets.
Today, as workers are facing poverty wages, evictions and foreclosures, deportations, police brutality and countless other forms of oppression, the date is an important one which can unite these issues that affect all workers.

The following is a list of demands under the slogan "The Community Fights Back! ¡La Comunidad a Pie de Lucha!"

  • Full Rights for All Immigrants! Stop the Deportations!
  • End the Evictions and Gentrification! Housing is a Right!
  • Stop Police Brutality!
  • Stop the Privatization of Public Services! Living Wage Now!
  • Halt and Reverse Environmental Destruction!
  • No to wars and occupation!

In San Francisco, there will be a May 1st action at 24th and Mission at 4pm. Join community groups and activists to plan the march for this important date by attending a planning meeting this Sat., April 19, 3pm at the Mission Cultural Center, 2nd Floor, 2868 Mission St. at 25th St. There will be a short update on outreach and discussion about the day-of activities followed by a work session on developing the list of demands in order to present them on May 1st to the public.

Supporting organizations: ALIADI, ANSWER Coalition, BALASC, Center for Political Education, FMLN-NorCA, Party for Socialism and Liberation, SOA-Watch, Station 40, Yo Soy 132-Bay Area, Talleres Populares de Junio

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Justice for Alejandro Nieto! Jail Killer Cops!

On the night of March 21, San Francisco police officers shot and killed Alejandro Nieto in an act of blatant racist murder.

Crimea Referendum: the hidden truth behind the U.S.-Russia rivalry

The people of Crimea have voted in overwhelming numbers and by an overwhelming margin to leave Ukraine and to federate with Russia.

Video: "Viva Venezuela - Fighting for Socialism"

The film gives a voice to the activists, students and workers working to build a collective, socialist society through the Bolivarian Revolution.

Video "What's Really Going on in Venezuela"

A 7 minute video explaining recent developments.

We stand with the Bolivarian Revolution

The ANSWER Coalition extends its full solidarity to the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela.

‘US, EU staged classic regime change in Ukraine’

The following interview of ANSWER Coalition National Coordinator Brian Becker was conducted by RT

Emergency Demonstration in Solidarity with Venezuela

ANSWER SF and other Bay Area organization are calling an emergency rally for this Monday, Feb. 17, 12 noon, at 24th and Mission Sts. in San Francisco to protest the right-wing violent attacks in Venezuela and express solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

Ariel Sharon: Serial war criminal, mass murderer

A virulent anti-Arab racist, Sharon had a long and bloody history of murder and repression against the Palestinian people.

Attorney for Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Speaks

Public presentations by attorney David Coombs

Organized, focused and fighting back

This work has been carried out consistently for the past 12 years, in support of the Palestinian people, in opposition to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and much more.
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Film Showing and Discussion "Gold Fever"

San Francisco, California
April 23, 2014

May 1st Int’l Workers’ Day Action

San Francisco, California
May 1, 2014
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