From anti-war to anti-police brutality
Build the movement for social justice in the streets!

What is the ANSWER Coalition?

We are an all volunteer-run organization of anti-imperialist and anti-racists activists from all backgrounds. We formed in 2001 after the Sept. 11 attacks when the U.S. government conveniently used the attack as a pretext to launch an unjust and murderous war against Afghanistan and later Iraq. We have been a leading force in the anti-war movement nationally and fought hard for the inclusion of Palestine as a central issue in the movement.

From Iraq, Libya, Syria to Venezuela and Cuba, the ANSWER Coalition has taken a unwavering position against U.S. intervention around the world. We stand with national liberation movements, the revolutions in Latin America and for the self-determination of the oppressed.

Locally, we organize marches against the police murders of young people of color from Alan Blueford to Alex Nieto. We shut down ICE buses and offices. We organize against housing evictions and transit fare increases. We stand with public school teachers and for a living wage for all. We mobilize in our communities and tie together all the issues because we know that only a strong and well-organized social movement can bring about true justice and peace.

Join us!

Learn how to:

• Outreach to local communities through leafleting, postering, petitioning

• Develop technical skills such as writing, journalism, photography and video editing

• Develop your political analysis skills in order to mobilize others for political action

• Become a public speaker at rallies, marches and with the media

• Learn to provide a safe and effective marches, civil disobedience and direct actions.

The time is now! Collectively, the people can change the world!


There are no age, experience, or skill qualifications. All that is needed to volunteer with the ANSWER Coalition is a desire to build a united people's movement.

Call 415-821-6545 or email for more information.

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