"Die-in" for Gaza staged to protest Israel's ongoing assault

Israel's assault on Gaza has destroyed entire towns, including hospitals, shelters, and schools. Thousands of Palestinians have been killed, and so many more have been injured and displaced. Yet to listen to the mainstream media, one would think that it is Israel that is the victim. In response to Israel's ongoing massacre and the media's biased coverage of it, protesters in Syracuse staged a dramatic "die-in" at the downtown Federal Building.

The idea for the die-in came from several local children. As Andriea Abdel, one of the event's organizers said, "The kids here see it and they become affected, and they wanted to do something." Several of the young people present also had family members killed in Gaza by Israel's assault.

Another protest is being planned for next Friday. Check back for more updates, and read the rest of the report here.

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"Die-in" for Gaza staged to protest Israel's ongoing assault

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