SU students lead bold action in fight for advocacy center

On Sept. 17, Syracuse University students led a bold action in their fight for a new advocacy center at SU. It was the latest expression of a new student movement that formed in response to the university's undemocratic closure of the Advocacy Center back in May. Students held a passionate rally, attended by over 150 people, including many faculty and staff, as well as members of the local community. Then, after marching to the administration building they stormed the Chancellor's office, forcing him out of a meeting. You can read our full report here.

If you want a play-by-play of the event, check out Laura Cohen's excellent coverage for Jerk Magazine. Additional media sources are:

"SU Chancellor addresses closure of advocacy center after students storm his office" - CNY Central (Video)
"SU students lead protest to Chancellor's office over closed advocacy center" - YNN News (Video)
"SU students protest advocacy center closure" - News Channel 9 (Video)
""Rally for consent' protest aims to alter sexual assault services at Syracuse" - USA Today
"SU students, angry about closing of sexual assault advocacy center, take protest to the chancellor's office" - Post Standard/
"SU students protest closure of sexual assault advocacy center" - WRVO
"Students, staff and faculty march to Syverud's office to voice concerns about changes to sexual assault services" - Daily Orange
"Rally addressing controversial closure of SU's advocacy center ends in chancellor's office" - The Newshouse

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SU students lead bold action in fight for an advocacy center

On Sept. 17 students charged the Chancellor's office demanding answers about the closing of the Advocacy Center in June.

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