Thousands protest Trump directly on Inaugural parade route

The enormous outpouring of anti-Trump protesters in Washington D.C., and indeed the country and the world, on January 20 was a sight to behold. Tens of thousands came to Washington DC to inaugurate the resistance to Trump’s ultra-right wing, pro-Wall Street agenda.

Before Trump passes the inaugural parade route, demonstrators fill Navy Memorial plaza. (Credit: NY Times)

Thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators filled Navy Memorial Plaza sidewalks and plaza right on the Parade Route. The Guardian newspaper reporter covering the route tweeted that demonstrators far outnumbered Trump supporters. The rally at the Navy Memorial was broadcast live on Pacifica Radio Network and by C-SPAN. It was an amazing day.

davidsmith.pngDavid Smith, Washington correspondent for The Guardian, tweeted "There are some Trump supporters on this part of Pennsylvania Avenue but they appear heavily outnumbered by protesters"

People came from everywhere. Tens of thousands were literally blocked from Navy Memorial for as long as five hours by Secret Service at the main checkpoint on 7th St. through which demonstrators had to funnel. By the time Trump passed the Navy Memorial at 4pm the crowd had swelled and filled the entire area from 7th to 9th St. on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The Secret Service and the government used the checkpoints to block anti-Trump demonstrators from entering the Navy Memorial site. Many waited for five hours before entering the site. Thousands of others never made it in. The Secret Service in several places also set up an express lane so that Trump supporters could go straight through the checkpoints quickly.

Thousands of people waited up to 5 hours at Secret Service checkpoints to protest at the Navy Memorial on the inaugural parade route. Photo: Carl Cornwall

We are urging everyone who was obstructed at checkpoints to immediately send short testimonials and photos, videos or audio of your experience at the checkpoints. This was an unprecedented and illegal action by the government to rip up Free Speech rights on the first day of the Trump presidency.

Secret Service insisted that protesters pass through this checkpoint and then blocked it. Photo: another vantage point where thousands are blocked behind Secret Service checkpoints.
Secret Service insisted that protesters pass through this checkpoint and then blocked it. Photo: another vantage point where thousands are blocked behind Secret Service checkpoints.

Today the resistance to Trump is continuing. Hundreds of thousands are marching once again.

The movement opposing the Trump Agenda has different trends. The ANSWER Coalition is organizing the grassroots movement. Some parts of the Democratic Party leadership are trying to capture the leadership of this movement and turn it into a harmless tail to their kite.  But this same leadership represents the political and economic elites whose failed policies in favor of Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex facilitated the victory of Trump. Our grassroots movement must be massive and independent of the political elites if we are to succeed.

We want to thank you and others who donated and volunteered their time and energy in this historic struggle. I know that you care about the success of this movement as much as I do.

We are just beginning. This massive grassroots movement is going to grow and grow. NO to the Trump agenda!

Stop the Trump Agenda,

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Brian Becker
ANSWER Coalition, National Coordinator

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