How Saudi efforts to provoke war were stopped and Lebanon united

Just last week, Saad Hariri’s shocking, Saudi-prompted resignation as Lebanon’s prime minister and verbal assault on Hezbollah and Iran set the stage for internal strife, and gave Israel a pretext to attack. This week, all of Lebanon has united to defend Lebanese sovereignty.

Crocodile tears over slavery in Libya masks imperialists’ role

Seven years after the imperialist-sponsored war on Libya, which ousted nationalist leader Muhammar Gaddafi, some bourgeois media outlets are beginning to cover the true effects of that war, namely the re-introduction of chattel slavery in the country.

Behind the Saudi-Israeli push to destabilize Lebanon

Only a day after major ISIS defeats in Syria and Iraq indicated that fighting may be winding down, an extraordinary series of events raised the danger of a new war, this time against Lebanon.

Amid purge, Saudi aggression escalates in Lebanon, Yemen

The ANSWER Coalition demands that the United States and its junior partners in Saudi Arabia immediately cease their aggression in Yemen, Lebanon and everywhere else in the Middle East.

Preliminary notes on the apparent coup in Zimbabwe

A key role for progressives and anti-imperialists in the West is to ensure that U.S., UN and British military forces do not use the crisis to insert themselves into the country as a so-called “stabilizing” force.

Asia resists Trump's tour, U.S. militarism

Read updates, statements and reports from resistance during Trump's visits to Asia, including Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

Protest to counter Trump’s visit to Japan: Report, photos and solidarity message

Read a solidarity statement from the ANSWER Coalition that was read at the Nov. 5 protest against Donald Trump's visit to Japan and a report from one of the protest organizers.

Joint Statement: People in Asia-Pacific Resist Trump’s Visit to the region!

"People in the Asia Pacific do not welcome the planned visit of the U.S. President Donald Trump to the region. He will surely face massive people’s protests wherever he goes."

Joint Statement: U.S., South Korean, and Japanese civil society organizations call for a bold shift in policy for peace in Korea and Northeast Asia

The following statement was issued by hundreds of progressive and anti-war organizations in South Korea, Japan and the United States to coincide with Donald Trump's trip to Asia.

Solidarity statement for South Korean youth peace activists denied entry into the United States

We strongly protest the U.S. entry ban of the members of this delegation and demand a full explanation for this action and immediate reversal of this decision.


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