November 6 Strategy Session for Youth & Students

Having closed its eyes to the government's continued disregard for the poor and disproportionately Black population of the Gulf Coast, the big business media has clearly decided that the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is no longer an "it" story.

Hundreds of Howard U. Students Greet Laura Bush With Protest

On October 27, hundreds of Howard University students greeted Laura Bush with a militant protest against the war in Iraq, the criminally negligent and racist conduct of the federal government in response to Hurricane Katrina and cuts in education.

Activists Express Outrage at Rising Death Toll

Subscribe Activists Express Outrage at Rising Death Toll Participate in the Online People's Speakout! Twenty-nine months after President Bush declared the end of major combat in Iraq , while standing dressed up as a soldier under a banner that read “Mission Accomplished” on the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier, the number of Iraqis killed far surpasses 100,000.

November 9: The State of Civil Rights Today

Four years after the Patriot Act: The State of Civil Rights Today Wednesday, November 9 7:00 pm 1247 E St. SE 13th & E Sts. in SE, a few blocks from the Potomac Ave. metro station on the blue / orange line On October 26, 2001, the USA Patriot Act became law.

Wherever There Is Impunity for Power, There is No Law

Wherever There Is Impunity for Power, There Is No Law Statement of Ramsey Clark at the Oct. 11 press conference of the International Tribunal on Haiti’s Commission of Inquiry in Port-au-Prince. I first came to Haiti in 1946, before probably anybody else in this room was born.

Haiti Tribunal's Commission of Inquiry Uncovers New Massacres

During a five day visit to Haiti, a Commission of Inquiry, dispatched by the International Tribunal on Haiti, gathered evidence of and testimony about new massacres and other crimes against humanity which allegedly have been committed in Haiti since Feb.

October 12: Forum on the Black struggle

In the Aftermath of Katrina: The Struggle for Liberation Continues The History of the Black Struggle in the U.S. There has been a four-century-long struggle of African American people in the U.S. - from slavery to civil rights to liberation.

300,000 Surround White House in Largest Antiwar Protest Since War Began

Subscribe We all did it! 300,000 Surround White House in Largest Antiwar Protest Since War Began With the support of everyone in the antiwar movement around the country, the September 24th demonstration was a magnificent success.

September 28: A.N.S.W.E.R Activists Meeting

A.N.S.W.E.R. Activists Meeting Building a People's Movement: September 24 & Beyond Wednesday, September 28 7:00 pm 1247 E St. SE (13th and E Sts. SE) The September 24 mass protests were a huge success.

The Whole World is Watching: September 24

Subscribe In this email: Ron Kovic ( Born on the Fourth of July ) on September 24 Partial List of Speakers for Rally at the White House/Ellipse Building the Massive Rally and March Donate On Saturday all the major antiwar groups will come together for the massive rally at the White House and march, but it is the A.

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