NATO summit: Trump an extortionist for U.S. military-industrial complex

When Donald Trump arrived in Brussels for this week's summit of the NATO military alliance he had one goal in mind: secure a huge infusion of cash for the biggest U.S. arms dealers.

Remembering the life of ANSWER organizer Bill Massey

Bill Massey was an organizer and activist with the ANSWER Coalition since its founding on September 14, 2001. His determination, adherence to principles, militancy against racism and war, capacity for work and his stamina — even when he had become very ill — were Bill's personal traits.

Denuclearize the United States! ANSWER Coalition volunteers prepare for major New Mexico protest

The ANSWER Coalition is joining with many grassroots organizations to protest the opening day of the government-sponsored, pro-nuclear weapons "Atomic Summer" public relations campaign promoting the expansion of nuclear weapons development in the United States.

VIDEOS: Immigrant rights movement keeps growing and growing!

The nationwide revolt against the racist U.S. immigration system and the brutality of the Trump administration continues.

IN PHOTOS: Shut down ICE now! Wave of protests continue

Photo and video of the continuing outpouring of immigrant rights demonstrations taking place across the country!

Poor People's Campaign brings thousands to D.C. to demand: Fight poverty, not the poor!

On June 23, thousands of people traveled to Washington, D.C., from every region of the country to join the Poor People's Campaign mass rally and march demanding justice and dignity for the poor.

ANSWER Coalition organizer interviewed by The Real News

Two interviews conducted by Ben Norton of The Real News with ANSWER Coalition Boston organizer Nino Brown

Racist police terror met with mass protest across the country

As long as the police continue their campaign of racist terror, the people will take to the streets in protest! Actions have taken place recently in Pittsburgh, Albuquerque, Sarasota, Sacramento and more.

Korean-American activist responds to Singapore Summit

The idea that one cannot support reunification without supporting Trump highlights the shortcomings of liberalism.

June 30 nationwide protests: Keep up the fight against ICE and Border Patrol!

Crowds will be gathering across the country on June 30 to demand an end to the Trump administration's so-called "zero tolerance" anti-immigrant policies, including the incredibly cruel practice of family separation.


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