Chicago protests war and racism on 15th anniversary of Afghanistan invasion

In Chicago the anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan was marked by a protest called by ANSWER Chicago and co-sponsored by the Gay Liberation Network, CodePINK Chicago, and Black Lives Matter Women of Faith.

Interview: Vijay Prashad on the Arab Spring and the Winter That Followed

Brian Becker is joined for the full hour by author and professor Vijay Prashad to discuss his new book on the Arab Spring and subsequent U.S. and NATO interventions in Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Stop THAAD in Korea and Militarism in Asia and the Pacific Task Force: Join vigils across U.S.

We encourage you to join Candlelight Vigils taking place in cities across the United States to say NO to U.S. missile defense in Korea being held in solidarity with events taking place in South Korea, where the people have been protesting the deployment of THAAD since it was announced.

Free South Korean political prisoner Yang Go-eun!

We in the ANSWER Coalition demand: Free Yang Go-eun!

Protest demands: Close Rikers Island!

On September 25, hundreds of community members and activists marched through Queens to demand the closure of Rikers Island, an infamous detention center known for its flagrant human rights abuses.

Police murder of Alfred Olango leads to militant march in San Diego demanding justice

Working people from San Diego, Calif., have been coming together in unity and strength to demand justice for Alfred Olango.

Actions against the TPP Nov. 12-23: #NoLameDuckUprising

As we speak, the White House is preparing Congress to pass legislation that would ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the coming Lame Duck session.

Fifteen years later: how a new anti-war movement began after 9/11

Fifteen years have passed since 25,000 people joined the first major anti-war demonstration of the post-9/11 period in Washington, DC just weeks after the attacks, organized by the newly-formed ANSWER Coalition.

The people demand justice for Keith Lamont Scott and Terence Crutcher, and an end to racist police terror

Solidarity actions are taking place across the country to demand justice for Keith Lamont Scott and Terence Crutcher, and an end to racist police terror

Leonard Peltier: On solidarity with Standing Rock, executive clemency and the international Indigenous struggle

Leonard Peltier: "I must admit it is very difficult for me to even begin this statement as my eyes get so blurred from tears and my heart swells with pride, as chills run up and down my neck and back. Iā€™m so proud of all of you young people and others there."

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