Racing towards war! Trump's choice of Bolton signals grave danger for Iran and North Korea

Donald Trump is now preparing for war against Iran and possibly North Korea. The time to act is right now!

Farm workers protest: End sexual violence in the fields!

ANSWER Coalition activists mobilized to participate in a demonstration against Wendy's held in New York City organized by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers demanding an end to sexual violence in the fields and fair wages for farm workers.

Video: Los Angeles activists send their support to Venezuela

Activists with the ANSWER Coalition and other progressive organizations in Los Angeles sent this video to the Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee expressing their solidarity with Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution ahead of the crucial presidential election in May.

Activists mark fourth anniversary of the police murder of James Boyd

On March 16, activists gathered in Albuquerque, New Mexico to mark the fourth anniversary of the police murder of James Boyd.

Yemen: Senate rejects resolution against U.S. support for Saudi war

On March 20, the Senate voted 44 to 56 to defeat a bipartisan joint resolution to remove U.S. Armed Forces from hostilities between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis in Yemen pursuant to the War Powers Resolution.

Justice for Stephon "Zoe" Clark – killed by Sacramento police

On the night of March 18, Sacramento police executed Stephon "Zoe" Clark, firing 20 bullets at this 22-year-old, unarmed Black man who was in his grandparents' backyard.

Worldwide outrage at assassination of Marielle Franco in Brazil

The cold-blooded execution of Rio de Janeiro’s city council representative Marielle Franco has sent Brazilians into the streets in an outpouring of grief, outrage — and fight back. Events in solidarity and demanding justice also took place around the world, including at the White House.

Protests greet Trump on his California visit: Full rights for all immigrants now!

California has been a center of resistance to the Trump administration's racist war on immigrant communities, and this trip was clearly designed as a public relations stunt to stir up bigotry

Solidarity stops deportation of disabled anti-war veteran

Starting over the summer, dozens of Zahid’s supporters from Olympia, plus many from Seattle, have gone to the Immigration Court in Seattle to attend what was always deemed the “final” court date for Zahid’s removal case.

ANSWER statement on Trump-Kim meeting: End the Korean War – Sign a peace treaty now!

The people and governments of South Korea and North Korea want to end the Korean War once and for all. That requires the U.S. government to agree to this just demand.

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