Victims of right-wing violence: The struggle against impunity in Venezuela

caprilies.jpg_1718483346.jpgTwo months after Venezuela’s December 2013 municipal elections, right-wing extremists began a series of violent protests in an attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government that left 43 people dead and hundreds injured.

Two of the victims of this violence traveled to the United States from Venezuela to share the truth about these events. Their message is about ensuring that the instigators and perpetrators be held to account, regardless of whether they are rich and powerful politicians or state security officers. They will also spoke about the challenge of overcoming biased media narratives and their strategies in seeking support from international organizations and solidarity groups. Their visit came at a time when Venezuela once again faces elections, and there is a need to raise consciousness in order to prevent history from repeating itself.

Watch a 30-minute video with the presentations of Luis Duran (who lost his son) and Desiree Cabrera (victim of violence). They speak in Spanish with consecutive English translation:

From Committee of Victims of the Violent Protests and the Ongoing Coup - Truth and Justice:

Read the Committee's pamphlet from 2014 explaining:
- Why We Struggle
- The Violent Protests
- How did the Committee of Victims of Violent Protests and the Ongoing Coup come to be?
- Stories of Some of Our Victims
- Our Objectives
- Immediate Actions

Read the Report to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in reference to the Fourth Periodic Report of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from May 2015

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