Victory for immigrant rights struggle: DREAM9 released!

On August 7, the Department of Homeland Security released nine undocumented immigrants, known as the DREAM9, from immigration detention. The nine had all immigrated to the United States at young ages - and three voluntarily returned to Mexico in protest, knowing that they risked being refused return at the border.

The parole of the DREAM9 into the United States is a momentous victory for the immigrant rights movement. The only reason that six of the nine were able to return to the United States was the committed organizing work of undocumented activists. This victory shows that a mass movement can even defeat the U.S. deportation machine, and every law that seeks to strip immigrants of their rights.

As the DREAM9 have demanded, their return is not enough. Our struggle will not stop until immigrants will full rights, including family unity.

Read about the struggle to bring the DREAM9 home here.

One upcoming opportunity to continue the struggle for full rights for all immigrants is the August 17 Communities United for Immigrant Rights rally in Washington, D.C. Click here for details about this action.

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