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Right now, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000 thanks to a generous offer from educator and activist Jane Cutter!

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Last year, my dearly loved father passed away. After his estate was settled, I inherited some money. While I would much rather still have my father here with me, I believe that making a generous donation to the ANSWER Coalition is a good way to honor his memory.

I encourage others to support ANSWER as well, and I will match all end-of-year donations up to $5,000. Whether you can make a small donation or a large one, if we combine our efforts, we can make a difference.

My father spent some of his final years actively engaged in the movement for justice for the Palestinian people, and strongly supported the idea that all people are entitled to a decent life.

I have spent my entire adult life as an educator and community/anti-war organizer. ANSWER is the only organization that works for what I believe in: stopping war and ending racism and all forms of oppression. ANSWER fights to fund human needs like housing, healthcare and education, and has been a pioneer in linking the struggle of the Palestinian people to the anti-war movement in this country.

Don't let your money go to taxes for the war machine. Make a tax-deductible donation to ANSWER to support the peace movement. I'll match your donation dollar for dollar.

As an educator and organizer, I see every day the impact of war and inequality on the lives of young people. I know that it is only by organizing and fighting for a better future that the suffering can be alleviated. I know a better world is possible but we need organization to get there. ANSWER is the kind of organization that we need.


Jane Cutter
Seattle, Washington


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