100,000 surround the White House with the People's Red Line -- Biden is GUILTY of genocide!

100,000 surround the White House with the People's Red Line!

In a massive display of solidarity with Palestine, 100,000 people converged from across the country to form a 2-mile long "People's Red Line" surrounding the White House to demand an end to the U.S.-Israeli genocide in Gaza! This huge action brought the nationwide grassroots movement to the doorstep of the war criminal Joe Biden. Biden said that the invasion of Rafah would be a red line, but that was a lie -- so the people formed their own red line to call for an end to the administration's criminal policy of enormous and unlimited military and political support for the Israeli regime's killing spree.

Watch the recap video of the mobilization

Watch the livestream of the action from BreakThrough News

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Photo: Protesters along Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House hold part of the 2-mile long banner 

The mobilization took place on the day that Israel carried out one of the most heinous massacres of the war. Roughly 300 Palestinians were killed and 700 wounded in an Israeli assault on the Nuseirat refugee camp in an atrocity sickeningly portrayed as a "rescue operation" by much of the corporate media. War crimes are piling up day after day, but the pressure on Biden and Netanyahu to halt the assault on Gaza has never been greater. The large-scale, permanent and creative mobilization of the people is a key factor in this moment. 

Biden could end the genocide with one phone call -- all he has to do is cut off the flow of weapons from the United States to Israel that makes the massacre possible. The enormous red banner and sea of protesters wearing red symbolized the red line that Biden has so far shamefully failed to enforce.

Photo: A huge crowd gathers to watch the proceedings of the People's Court of Justice in the Ellipse, just south of the White House

Immediately following the formation of the People's Red Line, protesters gathered immediately south of the White House on the Ellipse to convene the People's Court of Justice. The court conducted a symbolic trial of Netanyahu, Biden, and other top war criminals in the U.S. and Israeli governments. Palestinian activists read testimony from the victims of the genocide in Gaza, describing how the Israeli regime systematically deprives people of food and medicine while carrying out horrific acts of brutality. The war criminals are used to enjoying impunity, but the People's Court of Justice represented the determination of the massive grassroots movement in solidarity with Palestine to hold them accountable for their crimes!

Watch the people's verdict being delivered

Photo: A giant Palestinian flag circled the White House along the red line

The June 8 national mobilization was another clear example that the people of this country stand with Palestine. And, we’re not stoping there! The people will continue to draw the red line that Biden and all the establishment politicians can’t seem to uphold. We call on people all around the country and the world to urgently draw the red line against genocide by organizing actions at the offices of elected officials and all institutions complicit in the genocide of Palestinian people!

Please make an urgently needed donation to support solidarity work with Palestine in this pivotal moment

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