Protest to counter Trump’s visit to Japan: Report, photos and solidarity message

The following solidarity statement from the ANSWER Coalition was read at the Nov. 5 protest against Donald Trump's visit to Japan. Please see below for a report from one of the protest organizers.

 Photo: Yoshio Nakamura (Asia Wide Campaign (AWC) - Japan)

The ANSWER Coalition sends its solidarity to this important demonstration to reject the war plans of Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe.

While Trump speaks in our name, the people of the United States despise him and his extreme right-wing administration. We are very grateful to all the attendees of this protest for carrying on the resistance to Trump as he brings his war-mongering agenda to Japan and elsewhere in his Asia tour.

The main target for Trump and Abe is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Trump is well known for his constant bluster and bluff, but it would be a grave mistake to think that his constant war threats against North Korea is just empty talk. There is a significant wing of the U.S. elite that believes that another war in Korea is inevitable, and it is best to initiate that war now before the DPRK is able to further develop its military defenses.

 Photo: Yoshio Nakamura (Asia Wide Campaign (AWC) - Japan)

The U.S. government’s hypocrisy when it comes to nuclear weapons is incredible. The perpetrators of the horrific crimes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who possess a stockpile of thousands of nuclear weapons that they are spending $1 trillion to modernize, has now appointed itself as the champion of nuclear non-proliferation in Korea. Unlike the United States, which uses its nukes to pressure and threaten other countries, the DPRK’s nuclear program is strictly defensive in nature and is a deterrent against the existential threat of another U.S. invasion.

As you know, Abe is also exploiting the fictional “North Korean threat,” in his case to advance his plan to repeal Article 9 and even to acquire nuclear weapons. We will fight against any move by the Trump administration to facilitate this.

Ultimately, we need to do more than just stop Trump’s war drive against Korea. All U.S. military bases in Japan and all of Asia and the Pacific need to be closed in order for the region to truly be safe from the threat of war. We are in solidarity with the struggles in Okinawa, Iwakuni and many other Japanese towns and cities against the presence of the U.S. military.

Photo: Yoshio Nakamura (Asia Wide Campaign (AWC) - Japan)The Kyoto/Kinki Coalition Nov. 5 demonstration against the US X-band Radar Base held in Kyotango-city.

Trump and Abe consider each other partners in the pursuit of their respective far-right agendas, and so the people of the United States and Japan should be partners in the struggle for justice and peace.

Together, we can stop their push for war!

Report from the Nov. 5th protest 

By Yoshio Nakamura - Asia Wide Campaign (AWC) - Japan

The U.S. President Donald Trump faced the people’s protest in Tokyo, Japan, which was the first destination of his trip to Asia. The protest action was organized by the Joint Action Committee to Resist Trump-Abe War Talks, including AWC-Japan.

The committee organized this action to show their steadfast opposition against the imperialist war drive and racist policies which both U.S. President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are pushing through. Especially, they denounced the U.S.-Japanese warmongering against the DPRK. This is being escalating to an extreme now.

Photo: Yoshio Nakamura (Asia Wide Campaign (AWC) - Japan)The Kyoto/Kinki Coalition Nov. 5 demonstration against the US X-band Radar Base held in Kyotango-city.

Protesters showed their opposition to further consolidation of the U.S.-Japanese military alliance under the guise of the "threat of North Korea". They demanded withdrawal of all the U.S. troops from Okinawa, Japan and elsewhere in the region. They also denounced Abe’s promotion of Japanese militarization.

During the program, messages from progressive organizations in South Korea, the Philippines and the United States were shared.

Protesters marched on busy streets in Tokyo. Their demonstration got many positive responses, especially from foreigners including U.S. citizens.

Resist the U.S.-Japanese imperialist domination and aggression on Asia! Stop another war on Korea! People in Asia-Pacific, unite and fight against imperialism!

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