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The crisis situation in Haiti continues to deepen. The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition - along with the Haiti Support Network and progressives in the Haitian community - initiated the Emergency Campaign to Support the Haitian People. Many people are joining as volunteers to help support an effective political response in Haiti and here in the United States in solidarity with those resisting a wave of repression. We are also sending humanitarian assistance in the form of much-needed medicines.

In the past two weeks, the de facto Haitian government has demonstrated its complete bankruptcy by doing nothing for the flood victims and instead launching a brutal crackdown on people in the neighborhoods of Belair and Cité Soleil. On October 13, Haitian police, backed by UN occupation troops, beat and arrested well-known activist priest Gérard Jean-Juste as he was distributing food to hungry children. He is accused of being "a threat to public order." The de facto prime minister called the warrantless arrest "pre-emptive."

Meanwhile, the police and occupation troops have arrested and killed dozens of other anti-coup activists. The former soldiers of the banned Haitian Army now openly patrol the streets and have openly announced their plan to "wipe out" resistance to the coup and occupation.

These developments make the indoor rally planned for Dec. 5 in Brooklyn at New York Technical College all the more important. Speakers from the Lavalas Family Party and the National Popular Party will outline their respective visions of  how the Haitian people's struggle can advance. Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and others will also take part.

Thanks to your responses, we have been able to begin sending medicine to help stave off and treat the diseases stemming from waters polluted by sewage and cadavers. But more help is needed given the dramatic medical and political situations in Haiti.

The Haitian people need our further support. At this time of great crisis, generated by the U.S. government and its financial and political dictates, the independent response of the people in the U.S. to help stop the suffering of the Haitian people is urgently needed. Stand with the Haitian people in their fight for democracy and self-determination, and in their hour of medical and humanitarian need.

Please donate to help haiti You can make an urgently needed contribution immediately to the Emergency Campaign to Support the Haitian People by clicking here to donate by credit card online through our secure server. Credit card donations are not tax deductible. If you want to make a tax deductible donation to the Emergency Campaign, you can do so by writing a check made out to the Progress Unity Fund/Haiti and send it to Progress Unity Fund, 167 Anderson St., San Francisco, CA 94110.

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