Medicine Shipment to Haiti

Medicine shipment to Haiti
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Dec. 5 rally in NYC

The Emergency Campaign to Support the Haitian people, initiated by the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and others, has been embraced by people all over the country who support justice for the people in Haiti. The Emergency Campaign has gained momentum, but we need your help to take the next big steps.

We have been able to ship a very substantial amount of life-saving medicines to Haiti. We have focused the medicine procurement on Metronidazole, Mebendazole, Ampicillin and Cephalexin.

Metronidazole is an extremely effective medication against anaerobic bacteria and certain parasites. As you know, a huge number of people in Haiti have been plagued by amoebic dysentery, bloody diarrhea and other problems caused by impure drinking water. These are easily treatable but are real killers if untreated, especially amongst children. Many thousands of people, who will become well if treated with Metronidazole, are now able to receive this medicine.

We were also able to send Mebendazole in quantities sufficient to cure 12,500 people acutely ill due to infection from parasitic worms, including roundworm, pinworm, hookworm, and whipworm. Ampicillin and Cephalexin are extremely effective antibiotics. Haiti needs much more, but every donation makes a difference in saving someone's life.

It is only because of the commitment and self-sacrifice of people in the United States that we are able to continue this effort. If you have not made a donation, or if you have already made a contribution and would like to do so again, you can make a tax-deductible credit card donation through our secure sever by clicking here.

The Emergency Campaign recognizes that the humanitarian crisis facing the people of Haiti can ultimately be solved only through economic, political and social reforms. The humanitarian crisis is directly connected to the struggle for democracy.

The repression going on in Haiti against those who are resisting the Bush-organized coup against the democratically elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide cannot be separated from the crisis facing the Haitian people today.

A.N.S.W.E.R. is encouraging everyone to show their support for the upcoming indoor rally on December 5 in New York City. Speakers will include Congressperson Maxine Waters, Ramsey Clark, Ben Dupuy, Mario Dupuy, Brian Becker, Pat Chin and others. There will be a special message from Danny Glover. The event entitled "Haiti at the Crossroads: What is to be Done?" is being jointly organized by the Lavalas Family party and the National Popular Party (PPN), Haiti’s two largest parties, whose members in Haiti have been targeted for arrest and assassination by agents of the de facto Haitian government. The rally will take place at New York College of Technology in the Klitgord Center Auditorium at 285 Jay Street in Brooklyn, New York (Trains A, C, F to Borough Hall/Jay Street, M, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall). Tickets are $10. For details about purchasing tickets, call A.N.S.W.E.R. at (212) 533-0417.

The people of the United States did not authorize the Bush administration to carry out a political and economic attack against democracy in Haiti and we must take action now to build this movement of solidarity.

On the Ground in Haiti

The connection between Bush's coup against Aristide and the humanitarian crisis is explained in small part in the Monday, November 29 edition of the New York Times in an article entitled "Haiti's Wounds Overwhelm a Suffering Public Hospital": "Since the violence began [in the last few months] 9 of the 12 resident doctors have left the 700-bed hospital" at the State University Hospital of Haiti in Port-Au-Prince. "The hospital suffers chronic shortages of materials and working lab machines. Three out of the six operating rooms are out of service, and anesthetists are often not available, doctors say. The morgue has no electricity, and bodies covered with worms line the sidewalk. ... One of every three deaths in Haiti is that of a child. With most people earning less than $1 a day, many do without medicines. Death during childbirth is the second leading cause of death among women, H.I.V. rates are climbing, and tuberculosis is common, the report said."

To make a tax deductible credit card contribution through our secure server, click here. If you want to make a tax deductible donation to the Emergency Campaign by check or money order, you can do so by writing a check/money order made out to the Progress Unity Fund/Haiti and sending it to Progress Unity Fund, 167 Anderson St., San Francisco, CA 94110.

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