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Marsh was one of several international guests who addressed an estimated million plus people at Havana’s Revolution Square for this year’s May Day commemoration an event which focused on the issue of terrorism.

Marsh noted that May Day is a date that the entire world commemorates, including his own country; though he found it ironic that very few American workers know that paying tribute on that date had its origins in their country. 

The speaker recalled that US workers raised their voices to demand the right to an eight-hour workday, but were accused of being terrorists and then arrested, prosecuted, and executed.  

Though they were accused of being terrorists, Marsh stated, those in power were really trying to terrorize the labor movement, to impede its struggle and break up its unity. 

He commented how shameful it is today that American leaders are able to play down the deplorable criminal actions of Cuban-American terroristswho receive complete impunity and protection in South Floridawhile the US government advocates a war against terrorism around the planet. 

Marsh spoke of how his girlfriend Margaret worked in an office of the 83rd floor of one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, where she lost her life in the events of September 11, 2001as did some 3,000 other workers. 

None of those who lost loved ones that day, Marsh commented can forget what happened; nor can we forget that the Cuban government and people immediately condemned the attacks. However, the US government has done nothing similar and continues to let murderous criminals walk the streets freely, people who have victimized thousands of people from this island. 

He cited the example of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who recently entered the US and is now seeking political asylum there after admitting to the bombing of a civilian Cuban passenger airplane that killed all 73 people on board. 

“I want to extend my hand as a friend,” Marsh remarked, “and give a sincere hug to the relatives of those victims, among them the young athletes who made up the Cuban fencing team.” 

He emphasized that the US war against Cuba by no means represents the feelings, desires or aspirations of the great majority of the people of his country.  He quickly added though that those same US citizens must demand their government to cease giving shelter to terrorists determined to break the progress of the Cuban people. 

And with the same courtesy as when he began his address, Marsh concluded saying, “Once again, thank you for allowing me to share this day with you.” 

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