Posada Carriles Bail Hearing Postponed

Posada Carriles Bail Hearing Postponed

Havana, June 24 (AIN) US immigration judge William Lee Abbott has put off a bail hearing for Luis Posada Carriles for 30 days, as requested by his defense attorney.

Previously set for today Friday, the hearing has now been scheduled July 25 as petitioned by lawyer Eduardo Soto who said he needs more time to review the documents relevant to his client's case.

According to Miami-based media outlets Soto seeks to exclude from the case the documents proving that Posada Carriles is guilty of terrorist acts, delivered by the Cuban government to the FBI during a meeting in Havana on June 16-17, 1998.

The defense attorney argues that the murderer was exonerated from charges in Venezuela, from where he escaped from prison in 1985 after he planned the bombing of a Cubana Airlines DC-8 that killed all 73 persons on board.

However, Cuban American lawyer Jose Pertierra, who represents Venezuela in its extradition request against Posada Carriles, contradicted the defense attorney by stating that the terrorist of Cuban origin was never acquitted in the South American country.

"It is very clear that Posada did not qualify for bail and they have to focus on the extradition case, which would relegate the immigration issue to second place," said Pertierra.

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