The September 24 mobilization is taking off

The antiwar movement needs your help!

The outpouring of support for the September 24 demonstration has made it obvious to us that the anti-war movement has a limitless potential to grow. This will be the largest demonstration since the November elections and this mobilization poses the biggest political threat to the Bush administration's war against Iraq and its program of torture, death and devastation.

We urgently need to raise tens of thousands of dollars in the next few weeks to fund this huge undertaking. If you have donated before we urge you to donate again. If you have never made a contribution, now is the time that it is most needed.

Printing hundreds of thousands of leaflets and posters, renting buses, helping to set up organizing centers around the country, doing massive street outreach, as well all of the logistical and set up functions - stage, sound, first aid etc. -- is an enormous expense. Hundreds of committed volunteers and organizers devote endless hours to make the work go on but we can't do it without sufficient funds.

If you are outraged by the arrogance of the Bush White House and the Pentagon and the danger they pose, please make a contribution today to support the September 24 March on Washington.

Please consider taking a moment right now to:

  • Make an online donation by credit card through our secure server by clicking here.
  • Send a check or money order to:
                                                        A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
                                                        611 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, #430 
                                                        Washington DC 20003-4303
  • Call (202) 544-3389 to make a credit card donation by phone
    • We have the momentum: the political climate and popular opinion in the U.S. is turning dramatically against the war and the Bush administration is on the defensive. At this critical moment your support is what will make the difference. 


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