August 6, 2005: Hiroshima 60 Years in Los Alamos, New Mexico

August 6, 2005:
Hiroshima 60 Years in
Los Alamos, New Mexico

It started here - lets stop it here!

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Sponsored by the Los Alamos Study Group and more than 130 endorsing organizations

On August 6th, 1945, 140,000 people were killed by a single bomb at Hiroshima. Another 70,000 were killed three days later in Nagasaki. About 90,000 others died later in both cities. The bombs used then were built at Los Alamos.

This year, sixty years later, we will gather in Los Alamos at the Ashley Pond Park on August 6th to say "Never again!" This will be an historic event. Many of the 130 endorsing organizations, and more than 20 speakers, presenters and performers are participating.

Join activists and concerned citizens from New Mexico and throughout the U.S. at Los Alamos to oppose nuclear weapons research and production and to make a commitment to work for a political culture based on the dignity of the human person rather than the violent politics of fear, hate, greed, and war. The day's tone will be nonviolent in word and deed. Our aims are education, awareness, beauty and the display of nonviolent solidarity and power.

General Schedule:

8 am: Traditional sackcloth-and-ashes witness organized by Pax Christi New Mexico.

10 am: Welcome, music, keynote speakers, including former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation President David Krieger, Father John Dear, and others.

12 pm: Pageant with thousands of sunflowers (the international emblem of nuclear disarmament), procession and delivery of sunflowers to Los Alamos County officials, and aerial photograph.

1 pm: Workshops in nearby buildings on nuclear history and a post-nuclear economy for New Mexico. Music in the park.

6 pm: Music, poetry, and thousands of floating candle lanterns, one for each hundred victims at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

All Day: Participating organizations will have information tables. There will be lots of time to network and learn.

Nearby parking is limited, although there is plenty of legal parking in the Los Alamos community. Invite your friends to fill your car, arrive early and park legally.

Bring water, hats and sunscreen. For lunch and dinner bring your own food or grab a bite from the restaurants nearby (list will be available).

A full schedule of events during New Mexico’s 2005 Disarmament Summer is available at It includes poetry readings, film, discussions, planning meetings, meditation, public witness, and training in law and policy and more.

To find out more about these events, to volunteer, or to help support this work, call 505-265-1200, email us at [email protected], or use the secure credit card portal at

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