We need your help on & before September 24!

We need your help on & before September 24!

Hundreds of volunteers are needed to make the September 24 National March in Washington DC a success. There are many ways that you can help out in the days prior to the demonstration and on the day of. Please see below for details!

There are many ways you can help out regardless of when you are arriving - and volunteering doesn't mean you have to miss the rally or the march! Please see below for a list of various areas in which help is needed. You will be contacted with more information about the area for which you signed up prior to the march. When you arrive at the rally, look for the signs that say "Volunteers Needed" (unless asked to report elsewhere).

If you cannot volunteer, you can make an important contribution to the demonstration by making a donation today by clicking here.

If you are arriving early you can begin helping right away! Worksessions are taking place daily and outreach materials are available to be picked up at all times to continue to spread the word. Call the DC office at 202-544-3389 to begin getting involved.

There will be worksessions at the A.N.S.W.E.R. office on Tuesday at 7 pm and on Thursday at 5 pm - and you can also help out during the day (just give us a call for details). Those in Washington DC on Wednesday night can attend a Volunteers Meeting/Training/Orientation at the A.N.S.W.E.R. office (1247 E St. SE) at 7 pm.

On Friday, September 23, we will be setting up all day at the Ellipse, beginning at 8 am and going until we finish at approximately 5 pm. Then at 5 pm we will have a sign-making worksession (also at the Ellipse). (This is very close to the location of the International Tribunal on Haiti, which begins at 7 pm at George Washington University.)

On Saturday, help is needed from 7 am until 10 pm. There are many different areas that need help - including bus greeting, fund collection, sign and literature distribution, First Aid & more! Please see the descriptions and sign up sheet below.

Bus greeting: Buses will be dropping off passengers on Pennsylvania Ave. between 13th and 14th Sts. NW (the south side of "Freedom Plaza") beginning as early as 7 am, and going until about 1 pm. Bus greeters will get onto the buses before people deboard to give them basic essential information about the plan and what to expect for the day. This is a very important job to make sure that we are welcoming people to DC, letting them know exactly where to go, and answering any questions that they have. All necessary materials will be provided. You can sign up below, let us know the times you are available, and meet that morning at the bus drop off location (Pennsylvania Ave. between 13th and 14th Sts. NW) - there will be a bus greeters table there.

Fund collection: The costs of the demonstration are well over $100,000. During the rally we will ask those who are in attendance to make a financial contribution to help pay for the costs of the day and so that the movement can continue to grow. If you sign up for this job you will be asked to come to the fundraising area (we'll give you the exact location) in the morning to check in, and then be given an exact schedule for the day.

Sign distribution: We will be handing out thousands of signs so that those who see our march on the streets of DC and in images in the media know exactly what we're there for! We have beautiful signs with many different slogans to give out. There will be several sign distribution points on and near the Ellipse. This job will begin about 9 am and continue until more people have arrived at about 12 noon. When you arrive at the Ellipse, look for the banners that say "Volunteers Needed" - people at that table will direct you to the sign distribution points.

Literature distribution and outreach: There will be flyers and other materials to let people know what's coming up next, and to provide organizers and activists from around the country with resources that can contribute to local organizing. We will have tables to staff, and go into the crowd to hand out materials. We will also be circulating the People's Anti-War Referendum and asking people to sign the mailing list. These jobs can be done regardless of when you are arriving or how much time you have. When you arrive at the Ellipse, look for the banners that say "Volunteers Needed".

First Aid: We are looking for people who have training in first aid (EMT, RN, LPN, M.D., first aid instructor). If you are volunteering for this area, please describe your first aid training in the comments section. You should report to the First Aid tent as soon as you arrive at the demonstration. The First Aid coordinator will get in touch with you in advance to schedule you for a shift during the rally and/or march. We are looking for donations of basic first aid supplies - band-aids, gauze, 4x4 pads, adhesive tape, ace bandages, disposable non-sterile gloves. Whether or not you want to volunteer in this area, you can donate materials to the First Aid tent anytime on Friday or on Saturday morning.

Help is also needed for set up Saturday morning and take down after the march. If you are unsure about what you want to do or when you're available, you can come to the Volunteer Tent at anytime on Saturday to sign up to help.

If you have problems submitting the form below or have any questions, you can email us at [email protected] or call 202-544-3389.

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