From the Bronx to Baghdad: Stop the War on the Poor!

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From the Bronx to Baghdad: Stop the War on the Poor!
Sunday, March 19: Youth & Student March and Speak Out!

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Join us:

Sunday, March 19

1pm: Assemble
Tremont and Grand Concourse [D train] 2pm: March to Recruitment Center
Fordham Rd. and Grand Concourse
3pm: Youth & Student Speak Out Against Oppression and War

On March 19, it will be exactly three years since the Bush administration invaded Iraq. Entire Iraqi cities have been destroyed, over 150,000 Iraqis have been killed, and the death count for U.S. soldiers will soon reach 2,300. If we leave it to Bush and Congress, the war will go on forever.

To fund its useless war of aggression, the U.S. government has set aside $120 billion for the coming year, on top of the $250 billion they’ve already spent. That’s money that we paid in taxes! With that amount, every college in the country could be free.

We’re the ones who are sent to kill and be killed. Unlike all the millionaires who are behind this war, we’re the ones who have real problems.

Just two months ago, a two month-old froze to death in the Bronx because of a lack of heat.  We need a war on cold apartments and eviction notices. We need a war on abusive bosses and police harassment and brutality. 

From the Bronx to Baghdad, the rich are at war with poor and working people. It’s time to fight back.

Your help is needed! If you'd like to get involved and help organize for this event, call 212-694-8720 or email [email protected]


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