San Francisco March 18-20 Youths & Students Against the War

Money for Education not For Occupation!
Military Recruiters Out Now!

  • Youth and Student Contigent - March 18, 10am, meet at Larkin and McAllister
  • Banner Making Parties - Sat. March 11, 1pm and Tues. March 14, 7pm, 2489 Mission St. #24.
  • March 20 Youth and Student Day of Resistance to Imperialism

March with the Youth & Student ANSWER Contingent in the March 18 march against war and occupation

We will be meeting at 10am at the corner of Larkin and McAllister in Civic Center Plaza. To help build the contingent, pick up flyers at 2489 Mission St. #24 to distribute at your school, to your friends or your youth group, or in your community. Call for more information, 415 821 6545. Visit to download flyers.

Youth and students are also invited to help get ready for the contingent at two material making parties. Sat. Mar. 11 at 1pm and Tues. Mar. 14 after the ANSWER meeting, which starts at 7pm. Both sessions will be at 2489 Mission St. #24. There will be food, drinks and materials to make banners, signs and more. No artistic talent needed, but it is welcome!

September 24, 2005 Los Angeles
March against war and occupation!

SF March 18 Youth Contingent
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SF March 18 Youth Contingent quarter
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March 20th Youth & Student Day of Resistance to Imperialism

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SF March 20 Flyer
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This is not our war. The Bush administration has sent hundreds of thousands of young people killed in a war for Empire. The war and occupation of Iraq cannot be seen in isolation. The U.S. is actively attempting to destroy every government that resists the Empire. People in Iraq, in Palestine, in Haiti, in Venezuela, in Cuba, in the Philippines are resisting but the people of the United States must become their allies. Their resistance is part of the universal aspiration to live free from foreign domination or threats of a military or economic character.

The U.S., on the contrary, has nearly 10,000 nuclear weapons, has a military budget of $500 billion per year, constituting half of all arms production in the world. The U.S. government is the only one in the world that has ever used nuclear weapons, which it did against the civilian cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. More than 100,000 Iraqis have died since March 2003. Their country has been destroyed. Electricity, food, medicine, drinkable water all the things
 necessary to sustain life are now in a state of ruin. More than 2,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed and 20-30,000 have been horribly wounded. The U.S. government has spent $300 billion to carry out this war of aggression; that comes to more than $300 million every day.

While the Bush administration and Congress allocate limitless resources for their war for Empire, these so-called elected representatives of the people are carrying out massive cutbacks in Medicaid, Medicare, tuition aid, food stamps and other vital social programs. Of the $50 billion in projected cutbacks in the coming fiscal year, more than 1/3 are targeting programs designed to help young people, especially education programs.

This is a racist war. The Bush administration has targeted and demonized Arab and Muslim peoples. It is a racist war too because it constitutes a systematic diversion of resources from African American, Latino and other oppressed communities directly into the coffers of the corporate and banking establishment through the agency of military spending.

Now is a critical time for youth and students to join the anti-war movement. Join actions at San Jose State, UC Berkeley, Sonoma State, Laney College and other campuses around the SF Bay Area on March 20 for the youth and student day of resistance to imperialism.

For more information on these action or to get involved, contact Youth & Student ANSWER at 415 821 6545 or [email protected]. Go to for more details.

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