May 20 March on the White House

 May 20 March on the White House
Hands off Venezuela! Hands off Cuba!

Saturday, May 20Venezuela woman
Malcolm X Park
15th St. & Euclid, NW
Washington, D.C. 

March to Lafayette Park
Rally at 2pm in front of the White House

An ad hoc coalition - the May 20 Hands Off Venezuela and Cuba Coalition - is organizing a demonstration in Washington, DC to demand the U.S. cease all threats and campaigns against the sovereign countries of Cuba and Venezuela. This demonstration comes at a critical time as the Bush administration is moving aggressively to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela, while it initiates new provocations against the people of Cuba.

Desperately bogged down in its war for Empire in Iraq, the Bush administration is escalating its threats and campaigns to undermine, subvert, provoke, and overthrow the government of Venezuela, while strengthening the economic blockade of Cuba, tightening the travel ban to Cuba, and refusing to extradite vicious anti-Cuba terrorist killers like Luis Posada Carriles.

On May 12, Congressman Dan Burton, leader of the the House International Relations Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, introduced a resolution condemning Venezuela for supposedly not cooperating in the fight against drug trafficking. The resolution is a sham, full of factual inaccuracies (exposed here), intended to justify future interferences (including military intervention) into Venezuela. Let's not forget that this is the same Congressman Dan Burton who last month said, "We should always look at Latin America in relation to the Monroe Doctrine."

You can tell the Congressional representative from your district and tell the White House to reject Burton's resolution by clicking here.

This is precisely the type of thinking that we the people will condemn on May 20th!  We are urging progressive organizations and local organizing/transportation centers that have brought antiwar demonstrators to Washington, DC in the past years to mobilize. Join the march on May 20 in Washington DC, from Malcolm X Park to Lafayette Park, with a rally in front of the White House!

  • Stop U.S. intervention and hostile campaigns against Venezuela; Defend Venezuela's sovereignty!
  • Stop Washington's economic and political war against Cuba; End the blockade of Cuba!
  • Allow U.S. citizens and legal residents to travel freely to Cuba; Normalize U.S.-Cuban relations!
  • Extradite the terrorist Luis Posada Carilles to Venezuela!
  • Free the Cuban Five anti-terrorist prisoners!
  • Close the Guantanamo Torture Camp; Return Guantanamo to Cuba!
  • Stop U.S. military intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean!

Please make a donation today to help support the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition's work. Hundreds of volunteers help distribute leaflets and posters, mobilize demonstrations, and provide logistical support for mass movements. Other people support the movement with urgently needed contributions. To make a tax-deductible contribution online or by sending a check, click here.



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