NYC Emergency Protest of Militarization of the Border!

Emergency Demonstration to Protest Militarization of the Border!

NYC A10 child with placard

Tuesday, May 16 at 5:00pm
Department of Homeland Security
26 Federal Plaza

No to Bush’s anti-immigrant campaign!
Stop racist deportations and border militarization!

Immigrant rights organization and their allies are holding an emergency demonstration tomorrow, Tuesday, May 16 at 5pm, in New York City, to condemn President Bush's plans to send thousands of troops to the U.S.-Mexican border.

"The word is out. President Bush’s response to the cry of millions for immigrant rights will be: more deportations and more U.S. military at the border," said Jeanette Caceres, an organizer of the ANSWER Coalition. 

Caceres continued, "It’s an outrage. Week after week beginning in March, hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their supporters have taken to the streets to demand full citizenship rights for immigrant workers, an end to deportations and militarization of the borders, and reunification of families. In a historic action, millions around the country walked off the job, walked out of classes and boycotted 'business as usual' on May 1.

"Bush is now set to call for up to 10,000 National Guard troops to patrol the Mexican border. That can only mean greater repression against immigrant communities around the country, including New York City," she stated. 

Bush’s backers claim that this is a concession to conservative politicians in exchange for support for his “guest worker” program. But concessions to the right wing only encourage anti-immigrant and racist forces to mobilize more. And Bush’s “guest worker” program doesn’t offer full citizenship rights. It gives bosses complete power over immigrant workers.

The ANSWER Coalition and others will set up a picket line on Tuesday at 5pm at the Department of Homeland Security office in New York City to denounce this racist plan to militarize the border.

ANSWER is encouraging all supporters to join the range of activities scheduled for this week in support of immigrant rights.

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