Come Hear About Korean Farmers' Struggle Against U.S. Militarism

Come Hear About Korean Farmers' Struggle Against U.S. Militarism
U.S. Speaking Tour with Go You-Kyoung
South Korean Solution Committee Against US Military Base Extension in Pyeongtaek

Please join us at the Pyeongtaek International Solidarity Night in New York

South Korea anti-fta protest
Protest against the Free Trade Agreement
floods the streets of Seoul

Thursday, July 20, 6:30pm
Community Church
40 East 35th St.,
between Madison and Park 

* Go You-Kyoung will give a talk on the Pyeongtaek situation
* A video footage of the struggle
* Refreshments
(Korean/English translation will be provided)
Come and learn about the iron-fist determination of the peaceful villagers, mostly elderly rice farmers in their 60s and 70s, who have waged four years of resistance against the US military base expansion to protect their land, community and way of life.  The aim of the speaking tour is to inform U.S. progressive communities about the critical situation in Pyeongtaek and the dangerous U.S. military strategy in NE Asia as a step towards building a U.S. network in solidarity with the people of Pyeongtaek. 
About the Pyeongtaek Struggle:
On May 4, 2006 the subservient S. Korean government sent in over 15,000 military/riot police to the villages of Pyeongtaek and brutally attacked these farmers. Over 500 local farmers and activists were injured and 524 were arrested (  In order to make Pyeongteak a U.S. forwarding station in East Asia, the servile South Korean government has forcibly evicted the farmers who have been living there for generations. Pyeongtaek is strategically located to contain or attack China.  Under the post 9/11, new U.S. military plan for global dominance, the Korean Peninsula has become hostage to U.S. military aggression against other countries in NE Asia.  The USs unilateral hegemonic policy threatens establishment of peace on the Korean Peninsula as well as the entire NE Asia region.
New York Event is sponsored by:  Nodutdol for Korean Community Development, Congress for Korean Reunification, Corean Action Network for Unification, Korean Democratic Labor Party, US East Coast Branch, Act Now to Stop War and End Racism Coalition, Troops Out Now Coalition (list in progress)
New York Contact:[email protected]   (718) 335-0419 or (917) 583-3316

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