August 12th National March on Washington

August 12th National March on Washington:
Buses from around the country coming to DC!

  • Permits obtained for August 12 emergency national march on the White House!
  • Hundreds of new endorsers as momentum builds for August 12!
  • Buses coming to DC from New York, Miami, Chicago, and throughout the country
  • Endorse the Call to Action (see below)
  • Please make an urgently needed donation today

Protest attacks on Palestine and LebanonPermits have been obtained for Lafayette Park directly in front of the White House for the opening rally of the mass demonstration in Washington DC on August 12. There has been an amazing response to this call for a national emergency action to protest the U.S.-Israeli war against the Palestinian and Lebanese people. The streets around the White House will fill up with a sea of protestors on August 12. Read the call to action for August 12.

Hundreds of organizations from around the country have endorsed and pledged to mobilize for the August 12 demonstration which was initiated by the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), the National Council of Arab Americans (NCA) and the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation. If you would like to endorse the demonstration please click here.

To volunteer to build the demonstration, click here.

There are downloadable flyers for the August 12 national march that are available. You can download and print out copies of the National (DC) flyer, the New York City flyer, and the San Francisco flyer.

There will be sister demonstrations on August 12 for those on the West Coast who are unable to travel to Washington D.C. The West Coast demonstrations will take place in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Please make a donation today

We urgently need your help now. Because this is an emergency action, we must raise funds quickly to provide for stage, sound, bus transportation, leaflets, posters, banners, set-up equipment, port-a-johns, and other numerous logistical expenses for this demonstration. Please help - we can't do it without you! Donate online by clicking here. You can also send a check to: ANSWER Coalition 611 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, #430; Washington DC 20003-4303.

The ANSWER Coalition has been working with our partners in the Arab and Muslim community to initiate and organize rapid-response demonstrations around the country since Israel reinvaded Gaza three weeks ago, including three demonstrations at the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C., three demonstrations in New York including today's action at the U.N., actions in San Francisco and Los Angeles where hundreds of people turned out, Chicago, Seattle, and elsewhere.

Nothing is more critical than for the people of the U.S. to join together in a single large massive showing of opposition to the U.S.-backed slaughter of the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Be there on August 12, noon at the White House. Take these actions today:

- Now available: BUY BUS TICKETS FROM NYC!
- To volunteer to build the demonstration, click here.
- Organize transportation to come to the August 12 demonstration.
- Endorse and get your affiliated organization's endorsement and submit it here
- Make an urgently needed donation for this emergency action now
- Download flyers and hand them out: National (DC) flyerNew York City flyer, and San Francisco flyer
- Use your email address book to notify all of your friends and family members that they too should join in this critical mobilization
- Circulate this email
- Bookmark the webpage and sign up to get regular updates

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