Rising to the occasion, August 12 is going to be huge

On August 12, tens of thousands are marching
Stop the War on Lebanon and Palestine!

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This is a critical time and we need to raise funds immediately. We are organizing buses from all over the country. The buses need to be paid for in advance. We are contracting for sound, stage, porta johns, and paying for posters, leaflets, placards.

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Even at this last moment, organizers around the country are scrambling to find more buses to bring the thousands of people who are coming to Washington on August 12. The people of Lebanon must see that the people of the United States are standing with them against the brutal and barbaric assault on their country and their families.

The Israeli government has approved a massive ground invasion. Thousands more are likely to die as Bush and the Israeli government pursue the fantasy that they can conquer the Lebanese people and incorporate their country into their sphere of influence by brute force. At this moment, while the Israelis are poised to send tens of thousands of additional troops into Lebanon, the people of Lebanon are already without water, food, medicine, their homes demolished. 55% of the people in hospitals from the strikes so far are children. The courage and strength of the Lebanese people is inspiring people throughout the world.

"Red Alert" Trying to Change the Subject

What would you expect from Bush at the moment that the people of this country have turned so decisively against his policy of endless war in Iraq, and now in Lebanon? What else can the White House do when it knows that mass anti-war protests are going to fill up the streets around the White House this Saturday as the people of the United States show that they are joining the rest of the world in condemning the brutal and barbaric assault against Lebanon and Gaza?

We know the drill. Red Alerts, Orange Alerts, dramatic “we are at war” press conferences, the invoking (again) of September 11, as an act of cynical political manipulation. We are experiencing again the only tactic that the Bush White House and their buddies in the so-called free press believe might, might work at momentarily distracting or paralyzing the people from mass action against their criminal acts. Mr. Bush is trying to change the subject but it won’t work!

On August 12, tens of thousands of people will defy the hype and take to the streets to expose the terrorism Israel inflicts with U.S. bombs and weapons. Bush wants the media to focus on something other than the growing anti-war movement in the United States.

Every mass movement whose time has come, whose ideas are contagion encounters the lies and propaganda of the status quo and the powers that be. And every historically valid movement rises to the occasion, displays its determination and mobilizes the people to struggle for justice.

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