Come to a meeting to learn about the Cuban Five

Come to a meeting to learn about the Cuban Five
Wednesday, September 6, 7pm
1247 E. St. SE (Potomac Ave. Metro)

September 23 free the five

Join us this Wednesday night for an informative and educational forum on the case of the Cuban Five. You can also learn how to get involved as a volunteer and organizer for the upcoming September 23rd March on the White House that will demand, "Free the Cuban Five!"

On Sept. 23rd people will be coming from all over North America, from as far away as Miami, Montreal, Chicago and California, to demand the freedom of the Cuban 5. Although a panel of judges ruled last year to grant the Five a new trial, a recent government appeal dealt their case a serious setback. It is more important than ever that we build awareness about the Five's struggle.

The September 23rd activity comes at a critical time. The Bush administration is escalating its threats against Cuba. The people of Cuba must be free to determine their own destiny. Their revolution has made a huge contribution to the lives of millions of Cuban working people. Cuba has stood with the people of South Africa in their struggle against the racist apartheid regime. Now the people of the world must stand with Cuba as it faces growing economic and military pressure from the Bush adminstration.

Please make a donation today to support the continued work of the ANSWER Coalition with this and other activities. Click here to donate.

Come to the ANSWER office (1247 E. St. SE) Wednesday night at 7pm to learn more about the case, and how you can get involved.

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