March and Rally in Washington Heights

U.S. Out of Iraq Now!
...And 9 Other Demands the Democratic and Republican Politicians Won't Touch!

A majority of this country is against the war in Iraq. Yet, instead of calling for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, Democratic and Republican politicians are debating over who can best prosecute the imperial "War on Terror." The demands of the people of this country -- and the cries of outrage throughout the world -- have been shoved aside and ignored. On October 28, a week before the mid-term elections take place, there will be locally-coordinated protests across the country to raise the issues that the politicians won't. Click here to see our 10 demands.

March and Rally in Washington Heights
Saturday, October 28, 12 noon
165th and Audubon
1, A, or C to 168th St.
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The protest has been initiated by the ANSWER Coalition, and initially sponsored by Acción Comunitaria La Aurora, Da Urban Butterflies, Iglesia de San Romero de las Americas - UCC, Chicano Caucus of Columbia University, Fuerza de la Revolución, Women's Anti-Imperialist League, DAMAYAN Migrant Workers Association, Inc., Network in Solidarity with the People of the Philippines, UGNAYAN, Movement In Motion, Korean Americans Against War and Neoliberalism (KAWAN), Party for Socialism and Liberation. Click here to endorse

Call to Action: Why we’re marching on October 28

Bronx front banner 400It’s election season and the politicians are making promises again. But there are some things they’re not talking about.

For five years, the illegal and endless “war on terror” has been waged in the name of the people of New York City. Under the pretext of “national security” billions of taxpayer dollars have been wasted on an inflated military budget.  Now three years after Bush declared, “mission accomplished,” the war has buried close to 200,000 Iraqi civilians and 2,700 U.S. soldiers.

Is New York any better now than it was five years ago? About one in five New Yorkers is officially in poverty. The Bronx is the third poorest county in the entire country, and tens of thousands of families are evicted from Washington Heights alone every year. Hunger is on the rise, with at least 1.6 million New Yorkers visiting food pantries last year. 

The war takes money out of our pockets. On average, each New York City taxpayer has given $1,000 towards this war totaling $9.3 billion. What could $9.3 billion pay for? 84,000 public housing units—practically solving the city’s housing crisis. It could pay for 161,000 new public school teachers—solving the city’s overcrowded classrooms. It could give health insurance to all the city’s children. 

Both Democrats and Republicans voted to get rid of or reduce 141 social programs, eliminating all vocational education and cutting 400,000 senior citizens from the Supplemental Food program. Everything from community development grants to clean water funds are looking at major losses, and all for the price of one or two new fighter jets. 

This is not our war. We have our own battles. Why not a war on hunger, or a war on gentrification? Why not a war on illiteracy and overcrowded schools? Why not a war on racism and anti-immigrant bigotry? No Democrat or Republican is asking these questions. Not a single Congressperson is talking about bringing the troops home now. But we will!

On October 28 we will demand an end to the occupations of Iraq and Palestine, an end to the occupation of our public high schools by military recruiters and our neighborhoods by the police.  We will demand full rights for all immigrants.  We will demand justice for all underpaid families that continue to go hungry every day.

On October 28, we’re going to stand up, speak out, and build the movement to fight our battles here at home. You can be a part of this historic movement.


1. Stop the war on Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and Haiti!
2. Cut the Pentagon budget! Double the education budget!
3. Military recruiters out of our schools!
4. Jail racist killer cops! Give the community the right to fire police!
5. Full rights for all immigrants! No deportations!
6. From Harlem to New Orleans, down with racist gentrification! Reparations now!
7. Union wages, social security, affordable housing, and health care for all!
8. Stop U.S. aid to Israel! Support the Palestinian Right of Return!
9. U.S. out of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Korea!
10. Stop U.S. threats against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, and Syria!

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