Meeting on Racism and Police Brutality

Meeting on Racism and Police Brutality
Join us Wed., December 6, 7pm

DC_Dec6 flyer

The meeting will be held at:

ANSWER Coalition office
1247 E St., SE
Closest to the Potomac Ave. metro

The recent killing of Sean Bell by New York City cops is one more example of racism and oppression faced by Black people every day. Add Sean Bell to the long list of names like Amadou Diallou and Abner Louima.

Affirmative action, busing and other programs benefiting Black children are being attacked on both legal and political fronts.

The recent banning of affirmative action in Michigan is only one of many such examples. The task before us is clear: we must come together to stand against racism and demand justice!

On December 6th, come to a discussion on racism, oppression, police brutality and how we can fight back.

The meeting will also go over the case of, and build support for, the anti-Minutemen protesters and ANSWER activists who were brutalized by the Los Angeles Police Department in a July demonstration.

See you on Wednesday!


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