Dec. 6 Protest the NYPD and the shooting of Sean Bell!

TOMORROW, Dec. 6 Protest the NYPD
and the shooting of Sean Bell!  

Sean BellNYC Police are out of control!
End racist police brutality!
NYDP: Rotten to the core!
Jail racist killer cops!

Join thousands, from dozens of community organizations, tomorrow, Wednesday, December 6, at 4:30pm to protest the NYPD and the shooting of Sean Bell. The ANSWER Coalition calls on all anti-war and progressive activists and individuals to join this important demonstration.  

This past week, hundreds mourned the death of yet another unarmed black man at the hands of the NYPD. Sean Bell and two of his friends were shot at 50 times by 5 undercover NYC police officers as they left the Kalua night club in Jamaica, Queens, on November 25th. His name is etched beside that of Amadou Diallo, Ousmane Zongo, and Timothy Stansbury and in the minds of those who know that this what not just another isolated incident.

Join us tomorrow in protesting police brutality. The protest will be held at 1 Police Plaza. (Take the 4/5/6/R/W to City Hall, or the J/M/Z to Chambers St.) This protest is being organized by the December 12th Movement and was announced at the vigil and march held in Jamaica, Queens, the day after Sean Bell was murdered.

The press release put out by the December 12th Movement explained:

"'Petty incidents like sitting on your front porch; or drinking an open beer or playing your music too loud in your yard at a family barbeque are treated like acts of terrorism. Swarms of police descend on the hapless victim and the situation quickly escalates to police brutality, false arrests and imprisonment,' said Kamau Brown of Bedford Stuyvesant. 'It’s happening all over the city. We have to back them up and the only way we can is to mobilize and organize against it together. One by one we can’t win, but together we can.'"

The press release continued, "The issues on the agenda include the police profiling of Black youth; NYPD/Homeland Security occupation of the Black community; police aggression, harassment and overkill, as well as President Bush’s assault on Habeas Corpus; the erosion of civil rights; and Iraq war for oil."

The ANSWER Coalition is building for this demonstration citywide, and organizing street outreach teams in Harlem. Call 212-694-8720 or email [email protected] to get involved.

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