U.S. government on verge of releasing terrorist Luis Posada Carriles

U.S. government on verge of releasing terrorist Luis Posada Carriles
Tell the State Dept. and Congress: Extradite Posada! Don't release him!

Posada Carriles

Despite Luis Posada Carriles’ long and bloody history of terrorism, the Bush administration has refused to extradite Posada to Venezuela, to be tried for his role in masterminding the 1976 bombing of the Cubana airliner, which killed 73 people.

A Feb. 1 deadline has been set by a federal judge who may release Posada unless U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales declares him a terrorist.

U.S. Magistrate Norbert Garney in El Paso recommended Posada’s release in his ruling of Sept. 11, 2006, on the basis that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, notorious now for his “legal” advocacy of torture, refuses to classify Posada as a terrorist. The Magistrate ruled that since Posada would not be deported he could not be held indefinitely on the lone immigration charge filed against him by the Justice Department.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government continues to imprison the men known as the Cuban Five for 15 years to double-life terms for attempting to report on the planned activities of Posada and the Miami-based and CIA funded terrorist organizations whose acts have taken the lives of more than 3,000 Cubans since 1959.

These are the latest developments in the Posada case:

  • On Jan. 15, 2007, Posada was charged with seven criminal counts, relating to his lying to U.S. immigration authorities about how he entered the United States in March 2005. But the U.S. government has so far failed to charge him with far more serious crimes of terrorism.
  • On Jan. 17, Posada was moved from the El Paso Immigration jail, where he has been held since May 17, 2005, to a New Mexico jail in Otero county. There the U.S. Marshals Service detains prisoners until they are transferred to another facility or processed for deportation.

In mid-January, Alberto Gonzales told Associated Press, "I am not going to comment on whether we consider him (Posada Carriles) a terrorist.” His failure to act against this notorious terrorist speaks volumes.

What an irony that on the day Bush went on national television (September 11, 2006) to declare a non-stop war on “terrorism,” the same government went into the last stage in the legal process to possibly free the man responsible for blowing up a Cuban passenger plane with 73 people aboard in 1976. This same man organized other bombings of hotels and other civilian facilities in Cuba. Luis Posada Carriles was a CIA agent and has never stopped his campaign of bombings and assassinations. Now, he could very likely be set free among the U.S. public rather than face a trial and justice. Bush’s so-called on war on terrorism is  a complete fraud. Bush labels Cuba and the people of the Middle East as “terrorists” in pursuit of a war for empire a war that does not hesitate to use terrorist tactics against its targets.

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Action Alert

Don't Release Posada

The State Department refuses to extradite Posada to Venezuela where he is wanted to stand trial for the destruction of the airliner in 1976. The doomed Cuban aircraft flew from Venezuela on October 6, 1976 the day it was destroyed by a bomb in mid-flight. The legal strategy of the Bush administration is evident, to help Posada escape justice, and avoid exposing the U.S. government’s role in backing terrorism against Cuba.

Take action now to oppose this travesty. This is what you can do:

1)  Read the latest news on Posada’s case at: http://www.freethefive.org/

2) Send a letter. ANSWER has created an easy-to use mechanism to send a letter to the State Department demanding the immediate extradition of Posada. People around this country must act now to protest this obvious maneuver to intensify the U.S. government’s undeclared but real war against the Cuban people and their revolution. A.N.S.W.E.R. has also released a video, "Extradition of a Terrorist" revealing the crimes of Luis Posada, which you can watch by clicking here.

3) Donate. Funds are urgently needed to continue this campaign, spread the word, and keep the pressure on George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, the State Department and Congress. Make a donation to help the campaign in support of the Cuban people, and to stop the U.S. government's threats and aggressions.

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