Protest in NYC the release of terrorist Luis Posada

Protest in NYC the release of terrorist Luis Posada
Friday, May 11, 6pm

26 Federal Plaza
4/5/6 to Brooklyn Bridge, 1/2/3/A/C/E/J/M to Chambers, N/R to City Hall
**Nationally-coordinated May 11 protests taking place in El Paso and elsewhere!**

Posada's victims
A powerful display in memory of Posada's victims
in front of U.S. diplomatic mission, Havana

Luis Posada Carriles is a long-time admitted and convicted terrorist, trained by the CIA in explosives and sabotage to carry out attacks on Cuba. He is responsible for the murder of 73 people in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner, and for Havana hotel bombings in the 1990's that killed an Italian tourist. In the 1970s, as an official in the DISIP,  Venezuela’s “intelligence” police, he tortured and murdered Venezuelan activists.

In Panama, Nov. 2000, he led a group of terrorists to try to assassinate Fidel Castro with 33 pounds of C-4 explosives, which if successful, would have also killed hundreds of students where Castro was due to speak.

In March 2005, Posada illegally entered the United States, and has been treated with kid gloves since then by the Bush administration. On April 19, Posada was freed on bail and flew immediately to Miami, despite being recognized as an unrepetant terrorist and danger to the community.

The Bush administration refuses to honor Venezuela’s extradition request, where Posada planned the plane bombing. And since U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales refuses to classify him as a terrorist, Posada is awaiting trial only on immigration fraud. Judge Kathleen Cardone ordered Posada’s release on bond until his El Paso trial on May 11.

On Friday, May 11, when Posada is returned to El Paso for trial, people across the U.S. and around the world will hold protests demanding justice. The main protest will be in El Paso, and we’ll have a protest here in New York City.

Extradite Posada, Free the Cuban Five!

While anti-Cuba terrorists like Posada are free, the U.S. government has persecuted, convicted and sentenced the Cuban Five, five men who were peaceably monitoring the actions of Miami terrorists like Posada, to stop their attacks. We will demand the Cuban Five’s freedom on May 11 as well.

- Bush: Extradite Luis Posada Carriles now!
- Prosecute him for terrorism!
- Free the Cuban Five!

What you can do:

- Send an electronic letter to your Congressperson.

- Volunteer to help spread the word about the protest. Click to download the flyer. Call 212-694-8720 or email [email protected] for more information.

Initiated by A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition. Co-sponsors: National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, Southwest Organizing Project, National Network on Cuba (To endorse & for more information, visit:

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